Judging Restaurants – The Sacrificial Lamb


We first learned of this great name back in August ’09. Now that it’s been open a bit I’m wondering what folks think of the food? While I’m curious about the kabob, I’m equally curious about the pizza. Anyone check them out yet?

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  • I liked it a lot better when it was The Scapegoat, although they had a nasty habit of blaming the customer for everything.

  • On Wednesdays, if you get there early enough, you can watch the lamb sacrifice take place. During the warmer months, they do it out on the patio in front. This is the time to be there if you like really fresh lamb.

  • The owners and employess are super friendly.

    The have a really good special everyday which consists of rice a protein ( Tandoori chicken, Curry goat) and 2 veggie curies and bread for something ridiculously cheap. $8-9 Bucks.

    Its pretty good.

  • Is it Halal?

  • ah

    Do you eat like a god there?

  • Where is this place?

  • Sacrificial Lamb is absolutely delicious. It’s my go-to quick and tasty neighborhood destination. I would categotize it as Pakistani food- not a “traditional” kabab place but not too far off, but there are lots of indian elements (they have great Butter Chicken and naan).

  • if i’m a fat american, or at least eat like one, will i feel full from this place? if not, i recommend the pakistani place on K between 12th and 13th. it’s a buffet for $10 and includes naan and i believe the soda. not open sundays is the only drawback.

    • I’m a fat American, and I’ve never been to a kebab place that didn’t leave me absolutely stuffed after eating there. From my experience, typical portions at these places are generally huge.

      • i’ll give it a shot then. hey, POP, ever been to or reviewed spicy delights up in takoma? carribean jerk and such…may technically be just over the MD border, but it gets awesome reviews on yelp. tried to go saturday but it was closed. or maybe any other recommendations in takoma? either way, thanks!

  • Love it love it love it

  • I like it quite a bit, but I wish they would have kept the $5 grand opening special they had for the chicken / veggies / chick peas / rice. Now it’s $7. If you include naan bread, it’s $8.50.

    I think they should either lower the price a little bit or throw in a naan bread with the $7 daily special.

  • This place is at 1704 R St NW

  • I was disappointed. Chicken kabob had no flavor. Asked for advertised butter chicken special and they tried to pass off a plain chicken curry as butter chicken.

  • I tried this last weekend. The chicken kabob was really tasty! It was definitely more Indian/Pakistani flavored (as opposed to more Middle-Eastern kabobs). The chutney on the side was spicy, and the chickpeas were also very good. The best part was the bread. It was warm, slightly flaky and not overly doughy like a lot of places. The staff inside was also extremely friendly and appreciative. I’ve been recommending this place to my friends.

  • FANTASTIC! tasty and friendly, love them!

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