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  • Really good. Went here Valentine’s weekend. So yes, special occassion restaurant – for me at least. The fish and chips roll was a favorite.

  • Underwhelming. Sushi was fine but nothing special – it just cost a lot more. Had a really good sake cocktail, though.

  • I agree with underwhelming. Similar to Oya in terms of atmosphere and menu, only not as good. I felt like they were trying a bit too hard to be fusiony, with mixed results. If I want Sushi near Gallery Place, I’d rather go to Momiji, which is just as good but 40 percent cheaper.

  • This is good if you have an expense account. The fish and chips roll was fine, but it’s clear someone was trying too hard to find a signature/quirky/memorable dish for the restaurant. Underwhelming, agree.

  • The drinks are good – but expensive…

    For the sushi – really good is the sushi version of Fish-and-Chips… the rest of the food isn’t really worth the money… especially not the pork belly – just fat and not crunchy at all…

  • I’ve been there for lunch. They are ok to underwhelming. Good place to go if you care more about style than substance.
    I’ll try them again for this fish and chips thing y’all talking about.

  • if you like spending a lot and not gettnig a lot, you must try this place. if you like modern, uncomfortable furniture you must try this place.

  • I’m so sad that everyone hates Sei. Their sushi is delicious! Especially the S.O.S. and Fish and Chips. It’s the same owner as Oya, hence the same feel as Oya. A bit loud, delicious Pear Sangria, and free dessert if its your birthday.

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