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Nooshi is located at 1120 19th Street, NW. You can take a look at their menus here. Their Web site says:

“Nooshi is showcased along with the country cooking of Southeast Asia and decor of a mix of furniture and artifacts from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Stepping into this epicurean Asian retreat in the downtown district will transport you into the world of Eastern exotica.

The menu with a wide selection of regional Asian dishes as well as mouthwatering sushi is among the finest served in the District of Columbia area. Dishes are inventively light, low in fat, visually arresting and vividly flavored. Each dish is expertly prepared by the talented, skillful and innovative chefs using the freshest and top quality ingredients.”

So is this more of a lunch place for those that work nearby or is it a good spot for dinner as well? For the fans out there is it better for the sushi or the noodles?

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  • while nothing beats dc noodle on 14th and u, nooshie is a close 2nd, and a few bucks cheaper (haven’t had their sushi though). they’ve got outdoor seating too, which is lovely on a nice day. service is efficient.

  • good noodles (especially the udon), good sushi. consistently tasty food, not too expensive. takeout is also a good option.

  • The ginger salad there is really, really good and they totally deliver to Columbia Heights!

  • The Honey Peanut Chicken is one of the best things in DC.

    With the Greek Deli right next door (or in the middle really) and Pedro & Vinny’s often on the same block, this is one of the best blocks for lunch in town.

  • Disagree, food is bland and overpriced. Also they charge you for a fountain soda refill. I hate to out a personal gem, but try New Dynasty on P St for waaay better Asian food at a more reasonable price.

  • Really good sushi for a perfectly acceptable price. I may have to check out some of those noodles now… I wonder if they deliver to me…

  • I love their noodles (especially drunken noodle; order it extra spicy!), but am often on a low-carb diet, which is where their tofu “fries” come in — a very tasty alternative!

  • Pretty decent sushi, soup isn’t too bad either. Happy hour prices you can’ beat.

    Downside: service is horrible(espc. during happy hour). I’m talking 45 mins just to get the check some nights.

  • Sushi is good not great but its much cheaper than its counterparts and thus a good deal. Noodles are pretty good and seaweed salad is pretty sweet. Never too much of a wait there either. Big ups.

  • I’ve been there twice for their noodles, and both times I’ve gotten headaches after. I’m thinking perhaps they use MSG or something similar, so I haven’t gone back.

    • ES – sorry to tell you that the whole thing about headaches and MSG has been proven to be nothing more than a placebo effect created by negative advertising in the 70s.

      If you get headaches its not from MSG — its all in your mind or some other factor.


  • so so so good! The pad thai and drunken noodles are some of the best i’ve had in the city, and they have some great salads for something different.

  • When I lived in Glover Park, the grilled chicken noodle soup was my go-to comfort food delivery.

  • I just went there for lunch today! The sushi was really good – flavorful and light. I left feeling satisfied but not overly full. I will be back to try some other things.

  • Let me guess, most of those above go to GW. This is a big hangout for GW students during the school year, enter interns in the summer. Nothing great, unfriendly staff. After giving it a handful of tried due to convenience I’ve had enough. Far better soup/sushi joins within walking distance.

    • Can you give me some of the names? I don’t go to GW – I work in the area – but don’t know of any other good sushi places besides Roku. I just tried this today and liked it, so if you know better ones, I’m in for a treat!

  • The drunken noodles are terrible – the sauce isn’t even mixed with the noodles?! This place on the whole is overpriced and good but not great.

    The only great thing on this menu is the curry laksa. One of the best in the city. Be sure to get the egg noodles in them.

    BTW Drew, I work on the Nooshi block and haven’t seen Pedro & Vinny’s here in six months.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t been over there in a while as I work closer to the other location.

  • It’s not as good as the best sushi restaurants in DC, but it’s also not as expensive so that combined with the convenient location make it a good choice for a spur of the moment, let’s get sushi and a drink after work destination. Plus, they have half price drinks for happy hour and I love their saketinis. (It does sometimes fill up with GW students or large groups in town for conferences, but I’ve never found that to be a problem.) The one older waitress is somewhat grumpy and curt, but all the other waitstaff is extremely nice. The outside seating in warmer weather is great too.

  • I like Nooshi for the sushi definitely. It’s a good spot to have a few rolls and drink some brew after work.

  • I must have had takeout from here around 15 times when I worked nearby. Great place. Pretty standard asian fusion fare, but a definite step up from most such places, IMO. The summer rolls and pad thai were particularly good.

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