Judging Restaurants – Jam Doung


Jam Doung is located at 1726 N Capitol Street, NW and frequently gets mentioned when I talk about “hidden” restaurants in the city. Reviewers from Yelp seem to agree giving high marks to this Jamaican spot. My question – how’s the jerk chicken? Do they deliver or is the take out only pick up?

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  • Thanks for the tip. I drive by here on the way home from work every day. I’ve noticed it, but never made note. I’ll be trying soon.

    As curry/jerk chicken goes, Naby on H NE is pretty good too.

    • +1 on Naby’s Island. I can always get a table while the in crowd waits 2 hours for a table at Granville Moore’s.

      (captcha: ninnies because)

  • An unattractive, true, hole in the wall place, but a gem in the rough with good Jamaican fare.

  • I live in Bloomingdale and this is my go to spot when I want a cheap, quick meal. The curry chicken and oxtail are both very good, but their jerk chicken could be a bit spicier. There’s lots of seafood options on the menu, but they always seem to be out of them. I’m thankful that they are there in a neighborhood without many other viable options. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here, as there are plenty of other options around the city that are just as good or better.

    • Agreed. The cabbage is nice but the mac n cheese doesn’t have a ton of flavor.

      The ladies working there are really nice though and seem open to whatever feedback their customers have.

  • I actually got lunch there yesterday, after more than 7 months living 2 blocks away and always meaning to go but never actually doing it. It was quite good, and very cheap, a much better alternative to all the cheap chinese food around.

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