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  • Love ’em. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  • This place is great. Never crowded. Simple yet delicious menu. Full bar. Nice staff. It may seem strange to pay $10+ for noodles, but they give you plenty; I’ve easily made 2 meals out of it.

  • Dude, it is SO surprisingly good. Honestly, one my favorite restaurants in DC (and that goes for many of my friends, too). I would never wander into a noodle shop like this — but my roommate recommended the spicy noodle soup, and she’s right. One of my favorite DC dishes. Try it.

  • It’s fine. I dunno – it’s hard to judge them effectively, because the restaurant it used to be (Simply Home) was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, and this is just a’ight by comparison.

  • I love the noodles. Fresh ingredients, great flavors, and huge portions.

  • I think it’s great, don’t go here often enough.

  • The food is almost as delicious as the sexy Venezuelan waiter that is usually working on Thu. & Fri. nights.

    • +1
      The Venezuelan guy is beautiful. To sit in his section is worth the $14/bowl for noodles. They’re expensive, but taste great. A great find if you’re looking to get in and get out quickly.

  • this place is GREAT. the noodle salads and the pumpkin curry are amazing. Simply Home was good, but it served more traditional Thai food and was always empty. I’m so happy to see this place doing better with a more modern/fusion menu.

  • the pumpkin curry is unbelieveable! every time i go i say to myself that i’m going to try something new, but i just can’t bring myself to do it!

  • I crave it always. Bangkok curry noodles are insanely good.

  • are you talking about the pumpkin and chicken curry?

  • big fan! food is always amazing. service is friendly and attentive. and their home delivery arrives as soon as i hang up the phone. one of my favs in dc. it’s true they are a bit pricey, but their portions are generous. pack tupperware and bring home the rest!

  • I’m a Fan! They were open during snowpacalypse and didn’t kick us out for being dressed up in soggy sledding gear.

  • This place is great! Great food, good prices, and friendly staff. Whenever I’m there I also check out Stem, the cool little boutique that’s attached.

  • One of my favorite restaurants in the U Street area. Have gone a few times and have loved every dish I’ve tried.

  • It’s pretty decent. The huge racist caricature of an asian person is a little off-putting.

  • Love the food but for what it is, insanely overpriced. 2 soups a coke and wine =$50? same meal at pho70 in arlington is $20.

  • DC Noodle is simply `da bomb! And, yes, the street food purists (and I’m not putting them down….love street food, too) can and should trek to Arlington for discount pho. More room for the rest of us ‘splurgers’ at DC Noodle. AND, they have a stamp program that allows you to get the 11th bowl free (small consolation but I appreciate the gesture).

    The mural is awesome, too!

  • Spicy soup with thin rice noodles with seafood and crab balls, no peanuts, please. Amazing. And totally enough for two people to split, so not that ridiculously pricey.

  • I ate here awhile ago, and while I recall enjoying the noodles, they don’t stand out in my mind as an amazing meal. What does stand out in my mind is the chili pepper infused vodka they had brewing behind the bar. It was hot as hell and tasty. The bartender made us some awesome martinis with it, and my boyfriend vowed to go home and shove some peppers into a bottle of Absolut immediately. He didn’t, but that’s what one would do if one wanted hot-ass vodka.

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