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  • Horrible. Simply terrible food and service.

  • Don’t! Just Don’t! First off, they have Bud Lite on tap, and only have house wines, which are magnums of Cavits. The Moules Frites were awful.

  • It’s twice the Bistro that du Coin is.

  • Bleeech.

  • You can always tell a bad restaurant when ALL their reservation times on opentable are for 1000 points.

  • Really, really horrible place. My wife & I went there last week because we were starving and there was an hour+ wait at Bistro Du Coin. It was a bad decision. I think we were the only non-tourists in the place. The food was barely edible. We sat at the (nearly empty) bar so can’t comment on the service as the bartender we had was fine. One funny part: at one point in the evening a couple came in and the guy ordered a Heineken and the woman ordered a diet coke. Then they pulled out styrofoam containers of takeout and started chowing down. They made it about halfway through their takeout before the manager kicked them out.

    For the humor factor it was OK, but anyone wanting a decent meal it is worth the wait across the street at Bistro Du Coin. Ugh, just terrible. DO NOT GO HERE.

  • Went there for a bday celebration and ordered mussels. Perhaps 25% pf them opened. The rest we closed. The best part is that the manager tried to explain that this was OK and that we should eat them.

  • Seems that people either like or don’t like this place. My experience from last summer was fine, and recently I took a friend who thought it was also ok except for the fact that it was somewhat warm inside. I had the exact same dish as before and didn’t notice anything bad.

  • Surprised this hasn’t closed yet due to a savage Tom review (like the place before Jack’s on 17th) http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/21/AR2009072100723.html)

    Bistro Bistro? Run! Run!

  • Don’t ask Don’t Tell…….

  • I had a good meal here – authentic fare, good taste. I am not regular enough at Bistro du Coin to compare the two (I had a good meal at Bistro du Coin recently also), but I had no complaints here.

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