Judging Restaurants (and Chef/Magicians) – Primi Piatti


Holy cow this is too good. Check out the video of the chef/magician here. At first I was just curious about the restaurant but now I’m dying to know if anyone has seen the magic. I’m sorry to say I was expecting Job from Arrested Development to join the video at any moment… Alright sorry I was fixating on the magician thing.

How is the food? You can see their menu here.

Primi Piatti is located at 2013 I St. NW.

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  • Only ever went there once for restaurant week a couple years ago. Not impressed. Maybe it was just because it was restaurant week, but the service was terrible. The food was ok, but the bad service is what stuck out.

  • Like so very many of D.C.’s restaurants, this place is overpriced and the food is at best mediocre. I have no idea how it has survived for so many years.

  • Had some great meals here – back in the 80’s!!! I marvel that it’s still around.

  • I think the food is good, but I agree that it always provides a shock when the bill comes.

  • I took my girlfriend to this spot for our anniversary about 4 months ago and I had heard a lot of good things prior. I am easily pleased, but she, having spent time in italy, is very critical of italian food; so I like to find good spots. The service was ok, certainly friendly, but not very attentive. I enjoyed what I ate, my girlfriend liked her meal too, but we were both in agreement that, for how much it had been built up and how much it cost, it was underwhelming. However, nice atmosphere, good location, and if money isn’t really a problem for you, certainly worth a trip.

  • George

    That’s all I can offer here.

  • The food was overpriced, and abysmal. I’ve had better meals at Olive Garden.

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