Judging New Buildings – 11th Street, NW


Obviously the building above still has a ways to go before it is finished but I thought is was wild how large the expansion is. You can see the size of the original building in blue. Hard to predict at the moment but do you think this large an expansion/Pop up and out is gonna work? It is located on 11th Street, NW just south of Florida Ave.


And a couple blocks further south on 11th you’ll find this building that we’ve been tracking. Honestly, I keep changing my mind on this one, sometimes I dig it sometimes not so much. It is interesting to note how this section of 11th some surrounding streets have attracted so many modern designs.

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  • I was just about to send this one in, PoP, since I walk by it nearly every day on the way to work. The building that was there was in pretty bad shape and didn’t really seem to have much historical/aesthetic uniqueness anyway, so I can’t say I’m too upset. That neighborhood also already has a lot of large condo buildings, so I can’t complain that it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood. It’s also good to see higher density (i.e. vertical) development that close to a Metro stop too. So overall, while I’m usually the first to complain about pop-ups, this one is OK in my book.

  • I live a few doors over from the first building, which as Michael writes, was in terrible shape before. (Pretty sure there was a squatter living there, who I often heard screaming unintelligibly into the night.) That said, I’m a little worried what another set of half-million-dollar-plus condos is going to do to rent in my neighborhood. (I rent.) Not that those price tags make as much sense anymore.

  • I like it. But I think those fake tiny balconies/doors on the front are ugly and not functional or desirable.

  • The popup has a popup…

  • The website with pics is http://www.2121eleventh.com

    Sales will begin in about 2 weeks. It looks great inside too!

    Phil Di Ruggiero
    Long & Foster

  • Someone just broke ground on 10th street on a four condo unit nearly behind the 2121 11th.

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