Judging Buildings/Additions


I thought these were two cool examples from GW University. Above is from the Marvin Center:


I think the glass part looks fantastic and actually blends a bit with the concrete part. What do you guys think?


And not too far away is a pretty seemless brick extension:


The front part of the brick building above houses the GW Tonic.

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  • I absolutely loathe glass and steel. It soulless.

  • Architecture is not two dimensional you have to experience the space to understand it – with that said I think overall its not a bad space but outstanding – pretty standard office park grade. The sad thing is on the inside you go from three floors of open space to a very low hallway on on end and then a wood paneled dinning room off the other – very disconnected. I love steel and glass though – one of my favorites at a school (since the post was about GWU) is at the Chicago Graduate School of Business http://staging.veritasprep.com/schools/images/Chicago.jpg

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