Judging Buildings in Progress – USIP


The new United States Institute of Peace building is located at Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street, NW. You can learn more about the architect and building here. I happened to have passed this weekend and was blown away because I hadn’t been in that area in ages. What do you think of the design of the building?

Here’s a rendering:


A few more photos of the progress and another rendering after the jump.





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  • I see that building when driving over the TR Bridge every day out to work. I understand that the thing on the top is probably supposed to look like a dove but it looks more like a manta ray to me.

  • At this stage of its construction, that top element looks like a diaphragm.

  • I think it looks great… maybe a little like a manta ray, but enough like a wings to make the point. Moshe Safdie is one of my favorite architects (and he’s also a fellow McGill University Graduate). He manages space extremely (best embodied in his design Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum in Israel).

  • Looks like a paper airplane to me.

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