Judging Buildings (Re-PoP)


I’ve shown one of these houses back in the day. They are so phenomenal, especially because this is what they look out on:


They are from 3437 – 3453 17th Street, NW in Mt. Pleasant. A friend asked me recently if I would ever move out of Petworth. I think it would be very unlikely but if I somehow came into possession of one of these homes, I’d have a very tough time turning it down…

Different angle and a closeup after the jump.



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  • Love these. Almost bought one awhile back but found another place with off street parking which these don’t have. I’m wondering if all the owners agree to keep them painted white?

  • I gotta agree with you, I’m loving this style of rowhouse. These early modern houses are pretty rare in D.C., and if I ever see the right one up for sale, I’m buying it.

  • sweet! a view of where the people died in the blair witch project.

    im in!

  • Oh my god these are truly my favorite houses in DC. Love them. Love them. Love them. I SO want to know what they look like inside.

  • I’ve been in the one on the corner with the wrap around porch (?), checking it out when it went on the rental market last year. personally, i thought it was a little small and kind of cramped layout- i think it was 3 Br on the second floor and a living room and dining room on the first floor…not as nice as i’d hoped it would be, though the deck is awesome

  • whats so special about petworth that you dont want to leave?

  • These places suck. Too small! I had friends who lived in one of those and it was tiny. With a little t. If they were twice the size they would rock, but who needs to look cool in a shoehorn?

    • I’m a believer in right-sizing. You don’t need 2,500 square feet to ramble around if you’re a single or couple. I think these houses are the perfect size for in-town living. They definitely don’t suck just because they’re small. In fact, living in smaller spaces can be an opportunity to think creatively — and be selective — about your furniture, wall art, trinkets and other little things. I bet at least a few of the people who live in these houses live by a similar philosophy.

      I think the houses are wonderful. I love how they seem to cascade down the hill. I think the one at the bottom of the hill with the wrap-around terrace rocks.

  • The way I look for real estate is to go on redfin, I set a price filter at my max. Then I go up and down rock creek on both sides and see what’s available… The first time something good comes up in Mt Pleasant, Crestwood, etc? Just try to beat me.

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