Judging Buildings


This building is located at 1630 19th Street, NW and actually houses a skin clinic. Nice diggs for a clinic! Anyway I like how it blends the old with the new. Does the more modern expansion work for you?



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  • unbelievably sweet.

  • The modern part is a separate rowhouse. It is not part of the skin clinic.

  • THe modern part is a house and there is another house next to it (to the left, out of view). I’ve been in the latter many times. Small footprint, 4 floors, sweet roofdeck, modern. THe one you show was on the market last year.

  • That is a drop-dead beautiful building, a perfect example of 1890s upscale residential architecture in DC. Kudos to the clinic. If my budget allowed, I’d locate the flaws in my skin and go patronize them.

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