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We’ve judged the restaurant founding farmers located at 1924 Pennsylvania Ave, NW but the building itself (IMF HQ) is worth judging. People, including myself, have pretty strong opinions about many new glass buildings. I think this one looks pretty sweet. What do you think – thumbs up or down?


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  • like so many of these glass buildings downtown (and in every downtown), they look great in photographs but the experience of walking fails to impress. mostly boring from the pedestrian’s-eye-view.

  • I would agree with Cathy. I generally like the building… but it simply isn’t memorable and doesn’t represent Washington DC. IMHO, the best example of maintaining a look/feel is what George Washington did a number of years back down on Pennsylvania ave.


    They basically kept the fronts of the buildings, gutted them and then built a big building behind the fronts.

    The area has an amazing feel… while moving well into the 21st century.

  • That picture Mitchell posted is directly across 20th street from the IMF building

  • the building is OK, I guess, but I bet those offices that cantilever out over the sidewalk are sweet!

  • Of course it represents DC. How could it not, when it exists, and is in DC? It may not represent what some people ~want~ DC to be like, but it nonetheless represents what it is actually like.

    As for reusing brick fronts, at least this building isn’t fake. It isn’t trying to be a row house or an old factory. It is an office building. It’s sleek facade represents the efficiency and purposefulness within.

  • It’s a impressive building inside and out, with a mezzanine that has a floating feel with its surrounding blocks. From a pedestrian POV it fits the surrounding area extremely well, and it has a spectacular fountain and water feature on Penn Ave which kids seem to love.

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