I’ve Never Seen This Before


This is pretty wild. On the 2600 block of Connecticut Ave, NW a building is getting renovated. The building is home to two retail spaces – one vacant and one a dry cleaners. Well a trailer has been placed on the sidewalk out front where the drycleaners will operate out of until the renovations are completed. In all the time of been watching buildings get renovated I’ve never seen a solution like this.

Do you think this is a good temporary solution?

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  • Out in MoCo, at the shopping center in burtonsville, they are doing this with the pharmacy part of a cvs they are renovating. Seems weird, but I guess it beats loosing bussiness to the competition while you rennovate

  • ah

    Yeah, exactly. Without doing this, everyone would go to the dry cleaner across the street. Also, what would they do with all the clothes waiting for pickup? They can’t just shut down one day.

  • Owner occupied development:


    Debonair Dry Cleaners has been there at that address forever.

  • One of the great benefits of that dry cleaner was the hidden private parking lot in the back. I assume that’s where the new apartment building is being built. Would be a great place to live.

  • I’m happy for the development of the parking lot into condos. It’s the epitome of smart growth as the parking lot is about 20 feet from the metro escalators. As for the trailer on Conn Ave I don’t think its a big deal to have it there for awhile. I’m assuming they will have the store fronts renovated faster than the condos are built. As mentioned they have been in the neighborhood forever and deserve our patience.

    • Maybe so, but the parking lot was definitely useful. It’s not always practical to haul a huge amount of laundry around on the Metro.

  • There is another condo conversion up the street from here in Woodley. Four large Rowhouses on Conn ave are being combined and a Larger structure will be built in the back. http://www.woodley-wardman.com/
    This combined with the Marriots plans to build condos on a portion of their lot makes 3 new condos developments in the neighborhood. And you thought the wait was long for brunch at open city now. maybe they should open an open city 2

  • the CVS in SW is basically doing this–the trailer is about half a block from the new location.

  • yah. there’s a CVS and a BoA operating out of a trailer down at Waterfront metro! i thought it was one of the most bizarre things the first time i saw it!

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