I Can’t Believe There’s Still Some Snow on the Ground


But man are these giant snow piles leaving filthy messes. There are a number of triangle parks around Petworth that look like a bomb hit them.


Has anyone else noticed these spots around town that used to hold huge piles of snow and now are big mud piles?

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  • i cannot believe how long the “personal shoveled parking spaces” remained blocked off with chairs and other obstacles.

    the first couple days, fine, i dig it. and most people on my block recognized the snow melt, and parking situations return to normalcy.

    but i observed a few enterprising folks continue to block “their” spaces almost a week after the snow melted and parking within the neighborhood went back to normal. i was morbidly curious as to how long they would continue with that.

    a week, it turns out… lol.

  • 5th and Quincy is the worst I’ve seen.

  • Most of that dirt and grime will be washed away in the coming months after a few drenching spring rains. The plows did a lot of unavoidable damage to concrete curbs in some areas, though.

    • ah

      I don’t see how the damage was “unavoidable” — plow operators should have better awareness of where curbs are and not crush them/upend them. I forget where it was, but one place a plow had managed to tear out the storm drain block.

  • All of the storm drains on my corner were caved in by snow piles. This leaves a river going down the street and allies.

  • The mud piles are created because of all of the SALT in the snow. Salt will kill any plant in minutes and hence the expression “salt the earth” so unless the ground is properly treated, you won’t be seeing grass there anytime soon.

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