How’d You Enjoy the Spring-like Weekend?


Eastern Market was hopping. As were all the parks and restaurants I passed.

How’d you take advantage of the amazing weather?


More photos after the jump.




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  • Clear skies, warm sun, birds, birds, birds, and at dusk, awesome sunset, and kinda neat to see a flock of northbound snow geese above Grant Circle diverted by the startle of an oncoming circling AF helicopter.

  • I unshoveled the snow from my garden beds so the soil would warm so I can plant peas and early greens, picked up trash uncovered by melting snows, sat on my steps reading the paper and drinking tea and reveled in the sunshine.

    captcha = grieve going

  • House Hunting in DC!! Cant wait to be a homeowner!

  • Played Rugby, extended patio, built fence.

    Anyone have grass rejuvenation tips for Spring?

  • ah

    Pruned all the dead/broken/snapped branches off the bushes

  • Vonstallin

    Jump on the motorcycle…rode about 160 miles of distance.
    caused panick on the highways…
    a good weekend.

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