House of the Day


I’ve previously noted this row of houses on 13th St, NW (near Cardozo HS). The corner one was speaking to me on Saturday and I was especially digging the Mediterranean vibe.

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  • I did the guided walking tour of CH when they first put the signs up last fall and I believe there is a sign catty-corner from this group of rowhouses. If I am not mistaken 13th St. was the divider between where blacks and whites lived and there was a big stink when a black family moved into one of those houses. I don’t recall the story completely because it had started pouring but if you are near it again it might be worth checking out that marker.

  • The line moved over time. At one point it was Sherman (Duke Ellington owned a home there.) Then later it was 11th. And then 13th.

  • There must be something about those houses! Last week I drove by and felt inspired to snap a camera phone picture of that exact same scene myself!

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