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  • The house was built in the 20’s and still has many of the original fixtures inside. The house is in poor condition, but it’s got a lot of style.

    Plus the evolving cast of characters who have lived there over the past decade has really gotten the most out of the place with such events as the spring prom, the scavenger hunts, and fall fiestas.

    The land lord is a kind and gentle man who has only raised the rent 14% in the past 15 years.

  • Snap. I forgot to mention the electric bar tender, the kegerator, the pool table, big screen, full Rock Band set up, indoor archery range, nature museum, blowgun shooting gallery, and wood working shop.

    All of which have made that house the best all around living experience one could ask for in a post college world.

  • With the exception of that porch, that is a beautiful looking house. They just need to do something about it being so standard. Maybe a sloped roof with some terra cotta shingles? Something. Otherwise though, quite nice.

  • Indeed an awesome house. Don’t forget the firework viewing deck on the roof, the 3 car driveway, the presence of CHUDS, the skylight in the stairway, the load bearing vines. All in a great place with lots of cool folks passing through over the years.

  • Drop-dead! (The adjective, not the command.) Thanks.

  • Really neat – never seen this before! I hate to pick nits, but that’s a chimney, PoP, not a fireplace…

  • come have a porch beer. bring your projects.

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