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  • This is my house! It is indeed the most amazing house and we all love living in it. It is also the original house from the neighborhood, built somewhere around 1860 is the word. Yay!

  • I’ve seen some really hot girls having BBQs on this porch. They were all wearing Greek flags or something. I almost ask to come over an play. But I was in a wheelchair at the time.

    Oh and the house looks nice, too.

  • thanks for featuring our home! yes, it is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. the current owners rehabilitated the home about 20 years ago. when they moved to europe, they divided the house into 3 rental units — without sacrificing the home’s architectural unity. we love living here. fyi, the home is also on the mt. pleasant historical walking tour.

  • I was in the house about 15 years ago for an office Halloween party. It was a great place for this type of party! At the time the house was owned by a colleague of mine. He and his spouse subsequently got jobs in Europe; I deduce from Laura’s response that they still own the house.

  • I grew up across the street from that house!

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