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I’m always facisnated by the particular brick used on this home. There are a few other examples of this type of brick in Adams Morgan, I think. Do you think the fourth floor is original to this home or a pop up?

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  • The materials and corner details match, so I’d definitely say the 4th floor is original. If you gave addresses I’d tell you for sure, one way or another. The cornice and faux railing above the third floor help the facade conform visually to its 3-story neighbors.

    The wide, short brick is usually called “Roman brick” and is often a little darker in color. Its use in the city, right around the turn of the century, is very interesting to me. FL Wright used it to great effect in his Prairie Style to emphasize horizontality, but it is almost always seen in DC on relatively narrow and tall buildings. Good looking either way.

  • I can’t tell from this angle if the 4th floor was built at the same time – you could probably get a better idea from the side. The fenestration doesn’t match, but that could have been done intentionally to de-emphasize the bulk of the top floor.

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