“History in a House” From Shaw Heritage Trail


I’ve always done a double take when I pass this big orange house at 415 M Street, NW. Despite the fact that there is a big Trail marker out front, for some reason I never checked out the story. Wow, it has a great history! And in honor of my people’s escape from bondage allow me to share the history of this house:



Hag Sameach and Happy Passover. A bit more history from the Heritage trail after the jump.


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  • This street always brings out mixed feelings in me. I remember when the trees were so tall and thick they used to canopy over the street below. What happened to them and where is the oak door that used to belong to this house? Probably scavenged for some other home. God only know what the inside looks like now. PoP, I wish you’d check on what’s happening with the beauty of a house on the corner of 3rd & M Street. If only I had money…

  • I think the organization became the JSSA which built 1125 Spring Road (the original Hebrew Home for the Aged), after which JSSA moved into the building at 1131 Spring. Amazing. And the original owner of our house owned a grocery around the 300 block of Pennsylvania. He was a Lutheran. I wonder if the Northern Liberty Market was a competitor. The owner of our house eventually went on to run the market at 13th and Park. Small world.

  • saf

    “Northern Liberty Market”

    Here, check out a picture: http://www.shorpy.com/node/3982

    It was not a store, but a market – like Eastern Market.

  • There’s a little bit more of the history of this house on the second page of the article about the film festival here:

    (Sorry for the annoying PDF but it’s better than their PDF of the whole darn paper.)

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