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From an email:

Save the “Yellow Line” now! Sign our petition to the WMATA board!


Hello everyone,

I have heard from Councilmember Graham regarding the series of hearings occurring now, regarding the WMATA budget shortfall and the potential elimination of the Yellow Line extension and late night hours on weekends as ways to address the shortfall. As someone who fought hard on the Metro Board for both late night weekend hours and the Yellow Line extension, Councilmember Graham voted not to include either provision as items to be considered. However he was out voted.

WMATA has proposed numerous options to address their budget shortfalls, many of which will directly impact the DC neighborhoods that were hardest hit by original delays in constructing the system. WMATA is proposing to:

End the Yellow Line Extension from Mount Vernon – Fort Totten
End the Yellow Line entirely at 9:30 during the day and all day weekends
Close the 10th & U entrance at U Street/AACWM/Cardozo stop on weekends
Close the 8th & R entrance at Shaw/Howard U entrance on weekends
End service on weekends at midnight at all stations.


While WMATA is holding a meeting on April 1, at All Souls Church at 16th & Harvard, these cuts are not an April fools joke, they are on the table for real, right now, and your voice is needed to make sure they don’ happen!


Scott Pomeroy
Save the Yellow Line Coalition

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  • Moving to Alexandria looks better all the time.

  • Raise the bus rates!

  • People should really take the time to read all the proposed cuts/fare increases. For instance, one plan would no longer send every other 42 to Metro Center, instead it would cut them off at 13th and New York where they would then loop back around.

  • sounds good. where do I sign to eliminate it.

    • +1.
      eliminating the yellow line, if cost effective, makes sense. its a redundant line.

      • Excuse me?? For those who live along the Green line, if the Yellow line service is cut we get trains every 10-15 minutes. Before they extended the Yellow line service to Ft. Totten the waits were horrible.

  • Yes, keep all service and don’t raise fares!! Power to the People! And I want a Pony!

  • “Close the 8th & R entrance at Shaw/Howard U entrance on weekends”

    That is bull sh*t. The 8th&R entrance is one of the busier entrances and will be more so once the library opens.

  • How much money can they really save by closing one entrace to a metro station?

  • Ending the yellow line extension is ridiculously dumb. First of all, Columbia Heights is by far the fastest growing station, measured by ridership, in the system, it is already overcrowded and will only get worse over time especially once DCUSA is fully occupied. Petworth is soon going to explose as well as the area near the metro gets more and more developed. The wait times on nights and weekends, before the extension, were ridiculous. And the cost is relatively modest. I’d rather they raise rates another ten cents or something and not end late night weekend service and/or cut back on the yellow line.

  • Maybe charge more for the yellow line extension?

  • Sorry – I don’t really understand this issue with the Yellow line. The Green line goes to Ft. Totten – is it a question of reduced frequency? If so how much? What do people consider a reasonable interval between trains? I live on the green/yellow line and can take either, and do like having only 3-5 minutes between trains this way, but also realize it is rather greedy.

    The only real essential bit of the yellow line seems to be across the river, from Pentagon to L’enfant plaza. Please explain what I’m missing?

    • ah

      Yeah, the river crossing makes little sense to me–route people way around through Rosslyn when the bridge crossing is underused already?

      But the part paralleling the green line seems to be just a service reduction-everybody’s getting those

      • Say NO to service reductions. Making service worse will only make ridership lower, sending WMATA’s income even lower, with more budget cuts, more reductions in service, etc.

        Before the train accident metro had record ridership. Demand metro be better and get that ridership back!! The other option is just a downward spiral…

    • riding off peak, it really sucks to have to wait up to 20 minutes for a green line train to get downtown. 10 minutes is reasonable.

  • This seems to be a bad decision. I feel as though the areas serviced by the yellow line after Mt Vernon Sq stop are the areas that are experiencing a lot of growth and turnaround right now: Shaw, U Street, CH, Petworth, etc. I agree that a fare increase would be preferrable to shutting down this service.

  • These are cuts that will lead to a death spiral for metro. Make it more and more inconvenient to use Metro and more and more will find another way to get around, leading to even more cuts/inconveniences because fewer are using it, etc, etc…

  • In my humble opinion, Metro simply needs to simplify their processes and charge an appropriate fee. I ride a metro bus on a regular basis… and I will be the first to say that they do not charge enough. Here are a few of my ideas.

    1) Eliminate the Rush Hour Fee
    Charge one consistent fee regardless of the time. The advantage of using metro during off-peak hours should be that you will have a less crowded experience.

    2) Increase the Base Price
    The current base price of $1.35 is far too low. Just look at NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto. In some instances, they pay 2x or 3x what we pay. It should be at least $1.50, if not $1.75 per ride.

    3) Stop the “Nickel and Diming”
    Stop raising the fees by a nickel here and a dime there. Normalize (round) everything to the nearest quarter.

    4) Reward Loyal, Local, and Green Customers
    If you use a SmartTrip card, you save 50¢. (AKA, the standard fee for a bus trip would be $2 (or $1.50 with a SmartTrip). The people that make metro more efficient, green, and safe should be rewarded!

    5) Increase the price of the SmartTrip card to $20
    You are going to have a crazy rush on the cards when you start offering a 50¢ discount per rider. Maximize that.

    • That would simply help fulfill THE PLAN and would not be tolerated locally by folks who feel entitled to massive subsidies throughout their lives.

    • Charge you an extra $5 for recharging your SmartTrip card at a kiosk. $10 if it takes you longer than 90 seconds to complete the transaction.

      Recharging online, or via some other automated system, would be free.

  • I don’t understand why the reduction of Yellow Line service is even on the table. Wasn’t it a District-specific request and paid for by the District? Why do they (Board) have the choice to shut it down if DC is paying the $1.8m or whatever?

    I am against it, having lived at U Street for 11 years and knowing what a pain it was to wait up to 20 minutes at night/weekends for a train. Lots more driving will be going on if this reduction takes place…

    What’s the answer, Councilman Graham?

  • How much money will it cost to re-do all the signage in every Metro station? I also don’t understand why they would target a segment of the city that is seeing such robust growth from Mt. V to Petworth, not to mention the future development plans for Ft. Totten. My guess, the yellow line service is the newest change, so they will reverse the change because they will arbitrarily claim it impacts the fewest people.

    They should mandate the use of SmartCard by 2012, there really is no reason not to have one if you are local, assuming they increase the number of places where you can add fare to it (via a cell phone would be a good start). Of course, politically speaking, we can’t ask people to change for fear of causing some unjust inconvenience.

  • You guys should check out for some good information on WMATA/metro/DC public transportation and everything else.

    Transit planners are in a bind because if they cut service, they will also lose revenue by decreasing demand (there are less people that will wait 20 min for a train than who will wait 10 min for a train).

    Also, for people whining about subsidies, don’t forget that highways and roads are basically a huge subsidy for everyone who owns a car.

  • Screw it. We’re just getting bikes and not dealing with metro at all. I can only imagine the crowds with more service cuts.
    And instead of the Yellow, why not eliminate the blue? For the Maryland section, they can run the Orange line there – alternate trains between Largo and New Carrolton. Same with the yellow in Virginia – have train head to Huntington and the next yellow can go to Franconia. It would really work out to the same numbers of trains going to those places.

  • I’m anxiously awaiting federal takeover of WMATA, my only fear is that it will probably take another large-scale crash/derailment involving multiple fatalities for that to happen. In the meantime, I’m with you Sleepy – unless there’s hail or winds over 50mph I’m taking my bike.

  • DOD won’t let them eliminate the Yellow Line. That would add 8 stops to the trip between L’enfant/the Capitol and the Pentagon. If they eliminate the Yellow, the terrorists win. It also screws everyone going to National Airport (not just terrorists). An easily accessible airport is huge when drawing international meetings/travel/etc.

    And extension of the Yellow Line is cheap for what these growing neighborhoods get– double service off-peak. Restaurants and bars would seriously suffer if it took an extra 15 minutes to get to and from anywhere at night.

    Raise base rates a bit. Charge tourists 2 bucks if they aren’t using a smartrip card. Still a bargain.

  • Maybe, just maybe the WMATA has better numbers on these matters than we do?

  • Please understand that these threats of massive service cuts are really just desperate pleas for increased funding from MD, VA, DC and the Federal government. Service cuts of this magnitude will result in unmanageable gridlock as everyone goes back to driving to work.

  • I’m confused, is this about eliminating the ENTIRE yellow line from Ft. Totten to Huntington? Or just the extension from Mt. Vernon to Ft. Totten? Removing the yellow line entirely completely screws everybody commuting to Alexandria and Arlington because we’d have to get on the blue at L’Enfant, which would make me incredibly sad. If people think the yellow line is useless, I recommend they make the transfer to the green at Mt. Vernon at rush hour. The amount of people who cram themselves onto the green to make it to Shaw, U St., Columbia Heights, and Petworth is ridiculous.

  • This idea runs counter to the District’s plan to revitalize neighborhoods across the city, and to increase density around its incredibly valuable metro stations.

  • Jesus christ. I’m leaving DC if they close the 8th & R station or cut the Yellow line. My girlfriend and I don’t get good schools, a safe neighborhood reliable services out of our tens of thousands in DC income and property taxes, but we do get a convenient metro station. Now they’re going to close it. Fuck that.

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