Groundbreaking for New Condos at 3801 Georgia Ave, NW

From left to right Colbert, Bogdan, Fenty, Donatelli, Bowser

Back on January 26th Mayor Fenty was nearby at 3813/3815 Georgia Ave., NW to celebrate the launch of the new Billy Simpson’s Restaurant (Ed. Note: not officially named yet and anticipating opening in 9 months) from the owners of Marvin. The good news keeps on coming for the resurgence of this section of Georgia Ave. Mayor Fenty, CM Bowswer (Ward-4), Chris Donatelli (Developer), Eric Colbert (Architect) and Tom Bogdan (Construction) were all in attendance to break ground for this new project.

It will be a 49 unit condo located at 3801 Georgia Ave, NW (at the corner of Quincy and Georgia). Units will include 1 bedrooms, 1bed + den, and 2 bedrooms (with prices ranging from roughly $300s – $400s. It will be a six story building with construction expected to take 16-18 months.


One other piece of nearby news that I heard was from the Park Place retail space (across the street). Former Colorado Kitchen’s owner, Gillian Clark, new restaurantThe Meeting House, is looking to be back on track. It’s still not 100% guaranteed but progress has been made. Stay tuned.

Lots more photos of 3801 groundbreaking after the jump.


Mayor and CM admire the renderings.




And I got to see the Mayor’s famous Smart Car:


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  • Great News!!!!!!!

  • meh. kinda ugly.

    also, my captcha is “its cholera”. and i thought that should be mentioned.

  • yay more development for not-my-part-of-Ward-4.

  • I think it’s great. Plus it’s Donatelli and Bogdan…you can see their work all over the city, uh, and behind them in the photos.

    Have they talked about retail in the bottom level – will there be?

    A good sign for the economy and neighborhood that these will be condos (new affordable rentals just built or under construction in 2 buildings within 2 blocks).

    and PoP, do you know who is who in your first photo? Could you put them in order in the caption?

    Captcha = greasier is — that’s for Eatmore Fried Chicken visible in the background!

  • Well, it looks symmetrical

  • Is there really a demand for this?

  • Ground breaking on Georgia Avenue usually equates to no development start for at least a year.

  • This post is 100% good, exciting news. Thanks!

  • While I strongly support this higher density development with such close proximity to the Metro Station, I wonder if Donatelli will have a better time filling up the building compared to Park Place.

  • Good news.

    Nice to have a groundbreaking without the suits wearing ill-fitting hard hats and toting along a giant shovel.

  • once the new building it will support Park Place and vice versa. all these people were posting about the new buildings in Columbia Heights wondering why people would pay that much to live in such a crummy neighborhood…but then they created the reason by having shops and restaurants and other similar buildings, and now none of the new buildings seems out of place.

    I’m glad Petworth won’t be developed on nearly the scale of CH, but a few new buildings mixed in with the old, combined with renovations of the older buildings will make a nice mix.

  • I wish these buildings didn’t look so much like a stripped down version of what’s across the street. That seems like a missed opportunity to bring visual diversity to that area. (And they all ape the other older apartment building that’s right there.) Once nice about Columbia heights is there are three or four distinct looks, it helps create a more walkable environment by providing visual variety.

  • great news for the area (and the price of my house!)

  • I think Bowser spends 90% of her time and effort on that strip of Ward 4 in Petworth. That and reporting on deer tick problems for her Rock Creek constituents. I dream of a council rep focused on the vast majority of Ward 4 and especially upper Georgia Avenue, where she’s rarely seen.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. Can we have a council member that wants to help us revitalize the strip between decatur and kennedy? HELP US GET RID OF THE MACOMBO LOUNGE MURIEL.

      • Yes no more strip club for my kids to walk in front of and see drunks, strippers and drug deals on the street and unspeakable acts on the street in cars.
        You can put all the nice buildings down by the metro, but until this blight is removed from our neighborhood..we can never rise up and be a viable community again.

        Please shut down the Macombo, do a building inspection, health inspection, whatever…the building is falling apart and should be condemned.

    • saf

      I wish she did. I live very close to there, and we feel ignored too. ESPECIALLY when it comes to information about the evil Safeway.

  • Hope Donatelli doesn’t leave this condo association in the lurch like he has Kenyon Square in Columbia Heights!!

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