Good Deal or Not? Renovated but not Converted Row House Edition (Reader Request)


This home is located at 3549 Holmead Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Classic 1910 townhouse renovated to provide 3 finished levels. Granite/stainless kitchen with breakfast bar open to separate DR, large LR, 3BR 1BA on second level plus finished lower level family room/4th BR and second BA, deep front & rear gardens, front porch, CAC, inlaid HWF, 2-car parking, 6 short blocks to Metro/shops/restaurants.”

You can find more info and photos here.

The reader writes:

“The Columbia Heights rowhouse I lived in for three years just went on the market. I have a real soft spot for the place and would love to buy it, but the $ 585,000 asking price is out of my range. I’d love to know what your readers think!”

I think this makes for a nice contrast with yesterday’s GDoN that was divided into condos. Do you think $585,000 is reasonable for the 4 bed/2 bath home above?

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  • Seems around market value for location and quality of the reno. I wish I could see more- No bathroom pics? No yard pics, tough to tell the layout of the top floor too.

    But the ad serves it’s purpose if I was house-hunting in this area, price-range I would go see it.

  • This house is a few blocks north of my own, and almost identical architechturally. I bet the same crew laid the parquet floors all over this neighborhood.

    Though there’s a sometimes-noisy/crowded storefront church near there, and the intersection of Holmead and Spring is awful, I say the price is reasonable. I’m hoping (should I decide to sell my place) that being closer to CH metro with all its commerce will get me another 10-15% on that price!

    • Actually, the church to which you refer is two blocks to the south, at Holmead and Otis. Gotta agree with you about the corner of Holmead and Spring though, which is just a few houses to the north of this one. As intersections go, it highlights driver idiocy on a frequent and regular basis.

  • You could do worse than this house for more money….

  • The asking price seems high. The floors are beautiful, the kitchen is remodeled, and there’s enough room for 2 cars off street. However, at nearly 600,000 in that neighborhood I would expect something that makes it unique. Looking at the competition right now though, it seems that either expectations in the neighborhood are unrealistic, or theres a good chance they’ll get $585

  • Love the floors, like the street. Only knock on the house is the size of the kitchen. opening it up to the dining room was probably a necessity to give it a little bit of a bigger feel. still severely lacking cabinet space.

    Interestin, you must not know the neighborhood well. There isn’t much in terms of renovated rowhouses for less than $600k south of spring, west of 13th (or 11th). You can get a nice condo in a chopped up rowhouse, for sure. But this is a whole house.

    I think this will sell quickly as long as the quality of workmanship is poor and you can’t tell from the pictures.

  • P.S. this may be the first time a realtor has ever OVERstated the distance to the metro. I assume the quoted 6 blocks is to the CH metro. And i understand you are trying to market this as a Columbia Heights rowhouse because that is what demands the higher price, but it is a much shorter walk to the Petworth metro, about 3 blocks, 5 minute walk.

    • saf

      Nope, they do it all the time. Yesterday’s chopped up row house talks about how close they are to the CH station when it was half the distance to the GA station.

  • Can I gate-crash this GDoN to see if anyone has thoughts on this condo I’ve been considering a few blocks from the house referenced above?

  • I think the price is right. Too bad the reno didn’t do a better job with the kitchen. There is no need for a row house kitchen to have so little cabinet space. The could have put few more cabinets (and nicer ones) in and the place would have looked more finished AND held more stuff. But, price is probably right, I just wish all the flippers would spend a few extra bucks instead of always using the crappy home depot stuff (bet the bathrooms have that brown square tile).

    • I don’t know why anyone running a business and paying mortgage and property tax daily would waste their time installing something that they can’t get someone to pay extra for.

      Unless you’re trying to serve the high end of the market…and $600k is definitely not the high end of the market, you don’t put those features in. I’d rather the developer skimped on this stuff and let me add my own stuff to my own taste rather than pay for it twice…once when I buy the house and a second time when I rip it out and install the stuff I like.

  • I think this is a fair deal. Full house at high-end condo price. I assume there is a fridge in the kitchen that you just can’t see in the photos? My only concern is that there is only one bathroom in the entire upstairs of the house, so if you rent the lower portion out, you only have one bath (and i’m guessing a small one at that, since they don’t show it) for essentially a three bedroom house. But still, seems priced about right.

  • I think that price is about dead on, maybe a tiny bit high but not dramatically so, for the location. The house directly behind this and one north, on 13th, used to have some block-shakingly loud parties but has been quiet lately. The next house north of the one on 13th was a former GDON (I think) and sold for $650ish. It does have a basement apartment, but none of the original features.

  • I live on this block and would sell my fixer upper in a minute and move into this place. Looks great to me, but out of my price range.

  • I too live on Holmead and think that the listing price is close to spot on for this house. Only have two questions: (1) why didn’t they post more photos, or use Mouse-on-House to allow potential buyers a better glimpse of the house; (2) why sell now, at the end of winter? The neighborhood looks terrible right now with dirty snow, old furniture that people were using to reserve parking spots on the street, and not a sign of spring. If the owner would have waited one more month, I think they would have had more initial interest from buyers.

    Nonetheless, I think the house is fairly priced, nicely renovated and should sell for something very close (if not above) the asking price. Just a matter of how long, in my mind.

  • Love the floors, the kitchen looks dreadful though. I’d say $550k and it’s a good deal, unless the bathroom is dreadful too.

  • I actually viewed this property at the open house yesterday afternoon. The wood floors were beautiful and the backyard was spacious. However, the dishwasher was an old white model (didn’t match the stainless fridge/stove, which was random) with no microwave. The fridge was placed awkwardly in the kitchen, and seemed to be taking up a lot of space unnecessarily. The bathroom had a Kholer toilet but old tilework and tub.
    For $585, I’d expect full kitchen/bathroom renos, an effort to landscape the backyard, and a half bath somewhere else in the house.

  • Ooh! I just love breakfast bars and the Kholer toilet is spectacular! Too bad that area has had so many zombie sightings. Makes my hair stand on end.

  • seems like the right price for a renovated house on a street that is much quieter than 13th or 14th st., yet is still an easy walk to CH metro. as someone who lives here, I can confirm that the neighborhood has some grit, but it also has some wonderful people that look out for each other. also, having close access to the Red Derby, Wonderland, and Red Rocks is a perk!

  • Less than two weeks on the market, and this place has an “under contract” sign. Bummer about that slumpy real estate market, huh?

  • I am not the best judge of pricing, but like to think I am a good judge of character. I know the owner of the house, and he is a decent, honorable sort. Yes, business is business, but buying from a good guy should be a plus.

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