Good Deal or Not? Past Tense Edition


This home is located at 1314 Girard Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Unique home w/ contemp/traditional flair! Eclectic style with something for everyone. Expansive LR/DR w/ banded parquet hrdwd flrs, Chic kitchen w/ custom euro cabs, cork flrs, Spacious MBR suite w/ clawfoot soaking tub/shower, exposed brick, charming rear yrd w/ fish pond, 2 off str pk spaces, In-law suite rented for $900/mo, Metro, Target, Tivoli 3 blks.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Well, this one went under contract in less than 7 days but I think the inside looks super cool so I still wanted to share it. What do you think of the house itself? Asking price was $649,000 for this 3 bed/3.5 bath.

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  • I love the decorating style (with the exception of the upstairs paint colors) — I’d want that place furnished. And all of the trees in the back look beautiful.

    But what’s up with the bathroom with no door? I live alone and that’d be a no go. If I were buying this place, I’d put in a door before I moved in.

  • Ohhh, I love it! Love the little patio, the colors, the character. This is, like, my dream house.

  • Ugly top to bottom imo. Except for the backyard – that’s pretty nice. Definitely not feeling the open master bathroom.

  • Nice looking place, but if I’m not mistaken, it’s right across the street from some run-down public housing or section 8? Not a great view when you’re relaxing on your front porch.

    Side note:
    I used to live a block from here and I can tell you that this is got to be DC’s “spittin’-est” neighborhood. I’ve never seen (and heard) so many people (very often it was some little old lady) hawking up a loogie in my life!

  • Are there really no doors between the master br and the master bath? Am I a prude to not want to go to the bathroom in front of the person I share a bedroom with?

  • i really like the exposed brick and detailed hardwood flooring. but no central air… and yeah, across the street isn’t the most pleasant sight (abandoned building last i checked).

    two houses down, 1318 girard sold for ~600k after several months on market and had many of the same features, hardwood and back yard parking, but in addition had central air/heat… but on the down side it also needed a completely new kitchen, and its basement apartment could have used some help.

    i’d say good deal overall.

    • Actually, I think someone lives in the house. Some big wig in DC politics circles. Gadfly of sorts. Can’t remember her name, she and her partner have owned for years. Decades even. But can’t seem to afford to anything with it. City Paper did a big article on it about 5-6 years ago. I used to live on the 1200 block back then and so was interested in it. Of all the streets I lived in DC, Girard was my least favorite. Not the nicest neighbors. Just really unfriendly street.

  • PoP, it’s funny- this seemed familiar to me so I searched and you actually posted on this house way back in Sept 2008:

    It was on the market then for $685k – I guess it didn’t sell and now they’re trying again.

  • Will love to see if it closes and what the final price was. Nice large back yard. The various estimates (Zillow, et al) on value are all over the place.

  • I like the backyard. The neighbor’s fence is so high. I wonder if it is elevated ground.

  • Great deal. I actually suspect they could get more if not for the slightly crazy remodel (i.e.the doorless bathroom suite — downstairs looks great). Without that remodel, it would be a nice normal 3 bedroom row house, which is surely worth at least 700K if it has parking. (The public housing is toward 14th, that section of the block is actually lovely).

  • No way! Block away from all the gun shots all the time on Harvard street. This part of town still up and coming…maybe give it another 10 years.

  • I would need some sort of buyer credit for that TERRIBLE paint job the owners were leaving me with. Otherwise, it looks like a decent deal. I do agree it’s a really dicey street in the n’hood though.

  • haha i cant believe the toilet is right there… all proud and out in the open! you can see the toilet from the bed!

  • I’ve never seen a better case for what they called a “water closet” in the olde days. Slap up a little wall with a little door around that turlet and you have a lovely en-suite master bath and dressing room. Without it, you have a toilet in the bedroom. Ew.

  • i guess it’s a good deal since it sold so quickly, but wow – that a lot of $ for a place w/o central a/c…and on not the nicest block (so i hear)…or any sort of separation btw the master bathroom and bedroom. i think the toilet is what gets me the most!

  • Folks, that really is a pretty nice block. Get out a walk around. I live a few blocks away and I always think Girard is one of the nicest looking streets in the ‘hood.

    The house is sold, so I’m not trying to push the sale or anything. I’m just sayin…

  • Nice – except for the paint job and the door-less bathroom. That is just weird.

  • meh it’s an ugly ugly house.

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