Good Deal or Not? Detached 2-unit building Edition


This building is located at 3500 New Hampshire Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Detached 2-unit building in heart of Columbia Heights comprised of two 1BR 1BA apartments, each with separate kitchen and spacious living room, gas/baseboard heat, & wall unit cooling. Each unit is separately metered for electric & gas, but there is NO CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY – call for details. Tenants month-to-month.”

You can find more info here.

Even though there are no interior photos, I’m super curious what you think about this property. Given all the info above does $299,000 sound reasonable?

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  • It will sell, it will torn down, it should be torn down. Why do you think Linda Low is touching it.

  • Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get into the slum lord business.

  • um, you should never buy a property that has no certificate of occupancy – if the current owner can’t provide one, something is wrong. sounds like a big fat scam.

    I wonder what their excuse is?

  • I don’t understand how there are only two one bed units in there, it looks like four.

    • the building is one of the shortest buildings i have seen in dc. its only like 15 ft deep. thats why its 2 units and not 4.

  • ah

    It would look better with a vegetable garden out front

    • It would look even better if they torn it down and replaced the *whole thing* with a vegetable garden!

      Worst. Building. Ever. Thank-you.

  • 300K sounds obscenely cheap. Would love to hear from DCRA as to how you can have two apartments being rented in a building with no certificate of occupancy. Wonder if qualifying for one would require an expensive renovation, which may be why the price is so low, relatively speaking.

  • I think $299K is probably the value of the land…my guess is there won’t be much left of this building once the buyer is done with it…

  • If you buy this property, you become liable for the renters, and the fact that there’s no C of O. The only way to buy is to make it continent on vacancy.

    I think the land is worth maybe $250,000. Sounds like a decent deal for an investor. Buy, gut rehab, and rent the 2 units for $1500 apiece. Easily pays the entire note.

  • Sounds like an excellent opportunity to begin my Pimp Career. Now where did I put that velvet coat?

  • If you look at the street view, you can see how shallow the building is — basically the size of a row house. If someone were to tear this down and build a proper, corner townhome on the order of what you find around Dupont/Logan Circle, it could be really sweet.

    Have we judged the popup a few doors down from this on NH Ave? Its creepy how the popup windows look like big eyes…

  • I actually admire the oblivious insouciance of the slightly more than innocuous facade.

  • I remember when that building was built back in the early 60’s i would ride with my mother and she would take us to school that way every morning and i would ride the bus going home on the bus

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