Good Deal or Not? “2 fireplaces” Edition


This home is located at 909 T Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Renovated rowhouse in Logan/U St. 4 BR/2.5 BA owner’s unit. 1 BR/1 BA legal rental unit ($2,000/mth income). LR & DR w/ 12′ ceilings. Kitchen w/ granite & stainless. Custom stained glass. 2 fireplaces. New front roof w/ real slate. New Pella windows. 3 zoned HVAC units in top shape. Fenced backyard. 2 Metros w/ in 2 blks. Secured parking only steps away, pre-paid for 1 yr!”

You can find more info and photos here.

I believe I’ve featured this as HoTD before so I’m happy to finally get a look at the inside. I’m digging the master bedroom. Well this falls $100 short of the PoP house porn threshold – does $999,900 sound reasonable for this home with a 1 bedroom legal rental unit?

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  • I love it.

    Lack of off-street parking is a negative. I think it is slightly overpriced.

  • beautiful place. if i had to be picky i would want a little more yard space. It seems like it’s worth close to a mil, but I don;t know if this part of U is as good as 3 blocks west

  • I don’t think a 1BR basement rental unit will bring $2000 in income, so that just makes me skeptical of the post in general.

  • It’s a nice place, but the back yard is on the smallish side. I can see why they didn’t put parking in, but for that price I would have liked to see a garage or roll up door out back with a deck on top of it to maintain the outdoor living area. $1M and paying for off street parking not connected to the property does not compute

  • So installing Ikea cabinets gets you a million dollars? While the master bedroom is nice, there’s a lot of wasted space on that floor.

  • The backyard is landlocked. No cars going in there.

  • Love it. And it will sell for no less than $960k. I would bet my unborn children on that. Hell, I would give my unborn children up for this place. It is an amazing place to live and a good investment.

  • Good God — a 1BR 1BA basement for $2000/mo?

    The house is nice and will probably get near the asking. But who’d pay $2000/mo for a basement?

    • I actually rent a basement on this block for 1425 a month… and my landlord said they are raising it because other basements on the block are being rented for ‘hundreds’ more! I couldn’t believe it.

  • if the place had parking in the back this place would be listed for 1.1 or more — see recent sales within a 4 block radius of this house of similar size and condition.

  • Yeah, there’s no way the apt would rent for $2k. Hopefully no one buys this house assuming that amount of income.

  • Yeah, agree with others saying that rental unit won’t get $2000/month. That’s about how much I pay right now for my 1 br/1 bath and it’s not a basement and it’s nicer AND it comes with a secured, garage parking space. Oh and it’s in a condo building. I could see this rental unit getting in the $1600 range.

  • Reasonable, no. Will someone buy it, probably.

  • The exterior is divine, but the inside is ugly.

  • i looked at this place when it was on the market in 2003. i think it was about 450,000 or so then. my realtor thought i should get it. i wish i could have afforded it. i think its a great place.

  • Nice house but I think it’s overpriced.

  • looked at the place and really liked it, but thought the lack of parking and intense ethiopian smell in the backyard, along with moderate seediness were flaws.

    the downstairs apt is very, very nice, fully updated, and already is rented through june for 2000 a month, and the renter was happy with the price.

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