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Yesterday afternoon when I tweeted about how cool the Corehaus Design store is, it got me thinking about the best non restaurant/bar stores that have recently opened up in DC. It seems like every week we are talking about new restaurants and bars opening up in the city, which I think is great. But I also like to discover other cool new retail options. Personally, I think Corehaus is the coolest to open up in a long time. Kultura is pretty sweet as well.

So my question to you guys is – what’s the coolest non restaurant/bar to have recently opened up in the city? If none have opened recently – what are some cool retail shops that fall below the radar? Could be house stuff, a hardware store, clothing, other furniture, used books, comic books etc.?

Ed. Note: And on an unrelated note because the weather is going to be so nice this weekend I wanted to share a previous FQoTD where we discussed nice things to do around the city outside.

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  • Frugalista in Mt. Pleasant, a used clothing store. I got 2 men’s dress slacks for $7 each there this week, and they looked practically new. This isn’t new at all, and I hear they used to be a lot cheaper, but I’m not complaining. Me likey!

    • I recently discovered Frugalista – it’s mostly seconds from the likes of Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. Most things are $7 or $9 – not thrift store cheap but a good price for cashmere sweaters & nice wool pants.

    • my friend keeps raving about frugalista, sounds like it deserves a try.

  • Stroga opened up recently in Adams Morgan and is worth mentioning.

    Stroga is in the old, curved L’Aiglon Building at 1808 Adams Mill Road just around the corner from the Starbucks at 18th Street and Columbia Road.

    Above the Wachovia Bank and FedEx Office, the space is huge !

    A super wide upper level space with restored interiors; an old grand staircase, fine woodwork, restored spectacular ornate plaster ceilings high above with large original windows and restored original wooden floors are all worth the trip just to see even if you’re not into the strength training and yoga practice conducted there.

  • Kalorini

    I love Shake Your Booty on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. It is a little pricey and their return policy is a little harsh, but their clothes are super cute and worth the coin if you need a pick-me-up 🙂

  • Not new, but my favorite DC stores are GoodWood on U Street and Gingko Gardens on Capitol Hill (11th Street SE).

    I also recently went to Frager’s hardware on the Hill for the first time – I may never go to Home Depot again.

  • Good Wood, Miss Pixie’s

    We pick up great deals at both places all the time

  • I’ll tell you a little secret about Good Wood, Miss Pixie’s and that old place, Dada, that closed, as well as Randolph Antiques and a lot of antique dealers in Alexandria. They get a LOT of their furniture and other items at a country auction on the Eastern Shore in Crumpton, Maryland – a place called Dixon’s that ONLY has their weekly auction on Wednesdays (to keep out the employed riff raff I guess.) Then they mark it up by 400 percent. Check it out, it’s open to the public, but this year they started requiring you to open an account before you can bid (it used to allow cash in hand.) It’s a lot of fun even if you don’t buy anything AND you can get Amish food there. Bring your pickup!

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