Friday Afternoon Rental (Share) Option


This rental is located at Florida Ave and 6th Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The home has 4 floors and 8 bedrooms. 2 washer/dryers, Living room and an Eat-in Kitchen and Lobby area.

Newly Renovated! Ready for you to be a part of Luxurious designer touches in kitchen, Stainless Steel Appliances. 4 full baths, whirlpool tubs, marble and granite lobby, hardwood floors throughout.

Central 2 zone HVAC system.

Security System

Centrally located at 6th and Florida Ave, NW. 2 min Walk to Green and Yellow metro Stations and Metro bus. Close to U-Street, Downtown, Convention center Shaw Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan and Dupont.”

It also mentions that house received Pop HoTD honors which made me chuckle. Now we haven’t done a share before but I’m curious what you think – does $810 sound reasonable to share this home?

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  • I love that house! I always look into the windows and admire it while waiting for that endless light to change so I can walk across Florida Ave.

    I’ve never done a house share before, but I rent a room in my carriage house nearby for $800/month. So $810 seems reasonable to me.

    Others may not agree, but I think this location is the best of all worlds.

  • I used to live right on that corner and LOVE the area too. $810 sounds very reasonable, as I paid $2,000/mo for a 2BR over 5 years ago. It’s a very interesting property and I hope someone will call it home very soon!

  • It all comes down to who else lives there. $800 for the location and features seems fine. However, in a shared situation, the quality of the house is a distant third to location and housemates. Location is fine, housemates are a huge wild card! With 8 bedrooms, there are a lot of variables. Also, what kind of common space is there?

  • I love that house, always have. SOunds pretty good to me, dumpy group house rooms in the hood go for 650 or so, so . . . .

  • wait is this the house that a car plowed into a few years back? or was that a block down on florida?

    • the house you’re thinking of is three or four doors to the west of this house, located across 6th Street on the north side of Florida. It’s still vacant and the front is covered with plywood and Tyvek.

  • I just looked at the CL ad — looks like the asking price went up to $820 since it got “featured in Washington Post Magazine and Prince of Petworth Blog.”

  • I looked at this house. It’s amazing from the outside, but on the inside not so much. It has a small overcrowded kitchen, institutional furniture in the living room, easy clean furniture, and generally feels more like a college dorm than a house.

  • $820 is good but the location is LOUD. Why did they paint it purple? The brick was so nice in it’s natural color.

  • The reason so many brick houses are painted is because the bricks used were not of a grade that could remain exposed and were painted from day 1. My house is one of them – the bricks crumble and absorb water when exposed. Kind of a cheap version of siding years ago.

  • Angry Parakeet: that is often the case however this house had remained unpainted for at least 100 years and the quality of the brick is very high.

  • @ AngryParakeet: You have solved a minor mystery for me that I have wondered about for so long (though not enough to do actual research on). I never understood why SO many painted brick homes existed in DC. I thought it totally defeated the purpose of having brick construction and often detracted from the aesthetic of brick. Now however I can sorta come to terms with painted brick (although I still think its ugly, but there seems a valid reason now).

  • Love painted brick. And that purple is awesome. I love dark unexpected colors like that: gray, rich blue. And even on the opposite side really electric colors. Perhaps from my SF days — the more interesting the colors, the better! (But blah to beige and white and whatever counts for “tasteful” — read: boring and status-seeking.)

  • I proud to say that I called 547 my home for 2 years. I moved up here from Atlanta with a suitcase, a pillow, a job that started in four days and no place to live. Moving into 547 turned out to be one of the best spur of the moment decisions I’ve ever made. I got to live in a big bedroom with porthole windows, share a house with 8 random people(there are actually 9 bedrooms) who turned out to be some of my closest friends here and live in a historic and eclectic neighborhood. Yes, the furniture kinda sucks, the artwork is tacky and you take a risk living with a bunch of strangers, but it was all worth it. I paid less than 800 for my room, but the landlord has slowly been raising rent over the years. Still a great deal I think for the area and room size. Just my two cents, thanks for featuring the house again, PoP!

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