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  • Wow, that’s really cheap. At that price I’d be suspicious there’s rats or bedbugs or a slumlord who doesn’t fix anything.

  • The parquet torture continues….

  • Pretty cheap but hey it’s possible…

  • A pretty good price, although I’d be hesitant for the same reasons as LJ.

  • I’d say that is very cheap. Does it really have a terrace? Considering 2 miles
    further north in Brightwood they are advertising a basement (definitely underground) for nearly $1500! INSANE in an area in nowhere land.
    Good luck with that.

  • Oh funny, that is the building across the street from my old house. It’s at the corner of 8th & Taylor, so close to the metro. The last 1BR I saw advertised here was $795, so this price for an efficiency sounds about right. As far as I could tell it was an OK building. I think you could expect things to be in decent running order and from what I saw with the last apartment they are renovating each unit as they become available–the floors look like they were just redone.

    I think the low price is maybe because they are caught in a Petworth time warp and don’t realize they could get more. I think it’s a decent place to live and only 1 block from the new Yes Organic Market and a bit more to Qualia Coffee, so I say a DEAL!

  • I rented from Fred A. Smith on 3rd Street. Great to deal with. They tend to have older buildings that aren’t perfect. But they are super easy to work with. And really great about repairs and exterminators. In fact much better than almost any other place I’ve ever rented from.

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