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This apartment is located at 301 9th Street SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“301 9th St. SE, #1, — Super sunny first floor two bedroom apartment located in a corner building just two blocks from Eastern Market/Barracks Row shopping, restaurants, & METRO. Laundry, a/c, kitchen with dishwasher, oak floors, living room fireplace, and good-sized brick private patio. Available immediately. $1,950 + utilities (HEAT and hot water included in the rent). NO PETS or SMOKING, please.”

Does $1950 sound reasonable for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Maybe if they charged a bit more they could afford a better tag line than: “Don’t just RENT on the hill… BeOnTheHILL!”

  • I first year federal attorney (GS-11) makes $2400 a month take home.

    No, this does not sound resonable.

    • Then that first year federal attorney could get another first year federal attorney roommate. This is DC.

      Seems like a good deal.

    • Um, a GS-11 in DC starts at over $62k, that’s more than $2400 a month after taxes. Maybe you’ve got a bunch of child support to pay or something?

    • It’s a two bedroom place. If you want to live alone, you canget a one bedroom place and pay less.

      As it stands, that’s less than $1,000/mo per occupant. Pretty good deal for a nice location.

    • Why would a single person who doesn’t want a roommate want a two-bedroom apartment.

      Get a one-bedroom.

      • work at home people. people with hobbies that require space. people who have lots of over night visitors. people who want a room for music/tv not in the living room. artists. people with collections of weird and tacky shit that they want to hide. “inventors”. people who row weed, lots of weed. people with gigantic aqauriums. people that need an exercise/ yoga/ whatever room. people who need a “play dungeon”. people who are clearly not as practical as you. use your imagination.

  • Is the kitchen directly behind the fireplace? That’s kind of weird.

  • I live at 8th and E. This is definitely a good deal compared to going rates around here. This apartment will be gone in 24 hours.

  • Often I get upset at the repetitive ‘stay in the suburbs’/’move to the suburbs’ comments. Then I come across a guy who signs his comments Silver Spring JD, and acts like this excellent deal is wildly overpriced.

    Thanks for reminding me why we need all those commenters JD, youre doing a public service.

    On point: Steal for the apt.

  • location, location,location. sounds reasonable to me.

  • It’s two bedrooms in a terrific location, so the price doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    About the fireplace: If the building is old enough, there might well once have been a cooking fireplace facing the kitchen and back-to-back with a heating fireplace in the same location as the current one (which looks rebuilt), as was the case in my house, about two blocks away. Unfortunately our kitchen-side hearth, re-discovered when we renovated the kitchen, had deteriorated beyond salvage, but we still have its ornate dining-room side (though it no longer works).

  • The website says the apartment has “1.5 bedrooms” – not sure what that means, but $1950 for a 2 bedroom near a metro is a good deal. SSJD is a spoiled whiner.

  • usually it means a 1BR plus den.

  • Personally, I don’t think ANY apartment that doesn’t take pets is worth over $100 a month. No pets = no renter. At least in my opinion 🙂 And for the record, it seems like these “be on the hill” people should change their tag line to “be on the Hill all alone with no pets in any of our apartments” 🙁

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