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This apartment is located at 1801 Calvert Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Very comfortable one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Adams Morgan. Separate living and dining areas, central air conditioning, washer and dryer in unit, private balcony with city views and a roof deck in the building.”


Does $1695 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom with balcony?

Ed. Note: there is also a $35 application fee. Yesterday some folks thought that was an indication of fraud. I believe many apartments have a legit $35 fee. Of course you always have to be cautious with Craigslist.

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  • 🙂 Go POP! As for the listing, I’d say probably fairly priced. Great location, cool balcony view. No pets allowed, which stinks but not uncommon. And price doesn’t include electric. The sq ft surprised me given it’s a 1BR…the rooms must be smaller than they appear. Not a bargain, but probably not too badly overpriced.

  • is this on the calvert side? if so, i only reccomend this if you are 25 or under and also out until 3 in the morning. and, if you are and can afford $1700 a month – nice going!! i used to live on this block… on friday/saturday it is a sh*t show out front with people coming from metro to the bars after pre-gaming at home or stumbling back. it’s loud and it gets old quick. as do the empty solo cups and pizza plates/slices on your front steps/ ground floor balcony.

    • I live on Columbia Rd & Mintwood (almost at Columbia & 18th). I’m 27, live with my fiancee and couldn’t ask for a better location. We don’t go out to the clubs everynight (we hit up 18th St once every two to three months it seems). We stay in many weekend nights in fact. I get annoyed at people talking about the neighborhood as though it is a nightmare to live in if you aren’t a college age frat boy. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you like the vibe, you shouldn’t let people scare you off just because it wasn’t for them.

  • It seems fair to me too given the location. 540 sq ft seems tiny for a 1BR – it looks like the LR only fits two chairs. But having a balcony, roof deck and your own W/D may make up for that.

    (And, I love the real estate posts.)

  • I pay about $650 less for maybe 50 less square feet two blocks away. It’s not a TERRIBLY overpriced place if it was a true 1br, but not for 540 sq feet.

  • Would be an alright deal for 1BR at that location, if it weren’t so tiny.

  • Fair deal. It looks well-kept, and it’s about on par for 1BRs in AdMo/Kalorama/Dupont area. There are always going to be those of us who’ve lucked out and gotten better deals, but someone looking for a rental right now can’t count on that same luck.

  • For serious? I used to live across the street from there and paid $1600 (a year ago) for 150+ sq. ft (which makes it about 30% larger). I didn’t think we were getting a deal at that place, but maybe we were?

    I agree that it is a great location and, frankly, you learn to sleep through the drunks on Friday and Saturday.

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