Fantastic Einstein Sculpture


Walking down Constitution Ave was quite an eye opener for me. This sculpture outside the National Academy of Sciences is gigantic. The sculpture was restored in 2006. You can read more about it here.

After the jump more photos plus a look at the National Academy of Sciences building.






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  • Wish you would have included a photo of the universe at Al’s feet ~

  • I love this one. It’s designed so that if you stand at the center of the ‘celestial map’ at Einstein’s feet and speak at him, it echos back to you.

  • Really, first time seeing it?
    You need to get out more . . .

  • the view from the top of his head is awesome. take a beer up there, and it’s magical

  • Am I the only one who thinks it looks like it was made out of poop?

  • I second that. Let’s now call him Turdstein. Or Einsturd.. whichever works better in a given situation.

  • I wonder if this was sculpted by the same artist who did the bust of JFK out of poop at the Kennedy Center.

  • you know, I live in Alexandria and seem to know more about DC than you do. You regularly post stuff that “amazes” you or you didn’t know, that anyone wiht a modicum of interest in this city would know. It is somewhat bizarre.

    • Give him a break, other Leo. He hasn’t lived his entire life here. I think a lot of us can appreciate PoP pointing out stuff like this that we might otherwise overlook.

  • I have only lived here (Alexandria) 7 years. If you make it a point to read books about the city (get the one about every aingle monument in the city, it is great), read DCist, listen to WAMU, WALK outside your neighborhood, things would not be a mystery. He is just really insular.

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