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A few readers have been asking for an update on the status of the Ellwood Thompson’s arrival to the DC USA mall in Columbia Heights. I’m happy to report that a source has alerted me to the fact that their permits have officially been submitted to the DC government. So this is a step in the right direction. However, my other sources tell me that there is still a long road ahead before the store opens its doors. Sadly I don’t have a timeline but I promise to keep updating as developments are made. If I had to guess I would think an arrival in 2011 is more likely than a 2010 arrival. Perhaps a new sign is in order… But overall I think this is good news because it is some tangible evidence to show us that the deal is not dead.

You can read a previous statement from the owner of Ellwood Thompson’s here.

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  • A new sign would be great! It looks so lazy that it hasn’t been updated- even with just a “Coming Soon” sign would be better than to list Fall 2009.

  • Yay! I hope Ellwood Thompson’s moves forward as quickly as possible. I spent 20 minutes waiting in line at Giant at 10 PM last night. We sorely need a new grocery store in the neighborhood, if for no other reason than to give Giant a little competition.

  • please please open. When I need groceries on the fly I always have to sacrifice my strict organic principles. Its bbq season and I found myself breaking out the grill for friends coming over. Went to safeway in adams morgan. No organic meats to speak of. The buns and rolls I got were so enriched with god-knows-what that they tasted like cardboard. I am so totally ready for Ellwoods to open. This will be one busy supermarket when it does open though. That section of irving gets a ton of Metro commuter foot traffic, and I as one of them will be popping in there most nights to pick up dinner supplies. No more having to plan the weeks menus ahead of time and stock up at whole foods on the weekend. I feel for the owners troubles opening the place but they will make out in the end and so will we!

  • Owner of Ellwood’s, i hope your are reading this. you will absolutely crush it in our neighborhood!!! there is this huge pent up demand for high quality groceries and a pleasant shopping experience. I repeat, you will crush it here! don’t let somebody else steal your thunder!

  • To express my gratitute for Ellwoods opening. When it does I will spend 500 dollars on my first visit (a lot for a single guy). I think others should agree to inflate their first trip to Ellwoods as a thank you and to help them replinish their funds after this long drawn out process. What I mean to say is I will stockpile items that won’t go bad. I will buy extra wine, beer, eco cleaning supplies, and other such items. I think it’s the least we all can do given Ellwoods presence in the community will have a generous effect on our home values. Ellwoods- We support you.

  • Yes! Organic at Georgia and Taylor almost never has a line and there’s also the one down around 14th and V (haven’t been there). And neither has the traffic madness of DC USA for those of you who drive. (Nope, not affiliated with them, just live in the ‘hood and giving those of you out there an option who are, rightfully, hating the lines at Giant and/or interested in organic).

    • There is a Yes! in Adams Morgan as well but they are too small to fullfill most shoppers needs. And though there are many locations, for people in most of Mount Pleasant and close in Columbia Heights they aren’t all that walkable. In talking to my neighbors in Mount Pleasant (which has no full scale grocer and little to no organic selection in the bodegas)Ellwoods will become their main Grocer once it opens. The demand is simply not being met and residents are driving elsewhere to whole foods when they would rather walk to Ellwoods. Though the fact that Ellwoods is locating in DCusa will surely make it a destination store for organic shoppers in 16th street heights, petworth, crestwood etc. In short. as has been noted in the ample blog posts regarding Ellwoods. They are going to make a killing. All I want is my hot bar.

  • yes, yes, yes! I live a half block from Giant and find the food there to be mostly just fine for my needs, but the hassle of that place is so great that I tend to schedule time when I travel in and around town to go to grocery stores elsewhere. I drink… is right. You will crush in columbia heights.

  • It’s hard to overstate how much this store opening would improve my life. Upon your arrival I will gladly open my wallet to you, Ellwood Thompson’s.

  • 2011 is better than not-at-all.

  • Walk by the store front and you’ll see that the “coming fall 2009” portions of the signs have been covered up.

  • Opening is basically a license to print money, IMO.

  • I went to the Ellwood Thompson’s in Richmond a few weeks back and fell in love *hard*. This store will be such a perfect fit for the Greater Columbia Heights neighborhood that within a year we will not be able to imagine how we ever lived without it. It’s like the missing piece of the puzzle.

  • I walked by a week or so ago and there were two escalators on the ground (like they had been delivered and were ready to be installed). The space doesn’t seem like it is tall enough for a second floor. It also seems a bit premature given the info in this post. Anyone know anything about this?

  • How about we all get together and open a grocery store ourselves. Isn’t there such a thing? I really hate it when big stores like this do not show their interest in coming to our hood in what is clearly a great market.

  • Yawn. Trader Joe’s PLEASE.

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