Dickson Wine Bar at 903 U Street, NW Has Soft Opening


We learned back in July that 903 U Street, NW a former art gallery was going to turn into Dickson Wine Bar. I’m happy to report that they are having a soft opening tonight and hope to open to the public over the weekend or early next week. I took a peek inside and the place def. looks ready to roll. I was able to snap one photo of the third floor:


Sweet, yeah?

The space will take up all three floors. The bar will be on the second floor with seating on all three floors. As you can tell the space isn’t huge though it looks super cool. I’d say it could probably fit about 10-20 people per floor with maybe a bit more on the second floor. In addition to wine, while they won’t have a full restaurant, you’ll be able to get cheese and charcuterie as well as some other small plates.

I’ll be sure to announce the official opening date as soon as it becomes available.

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  • Anyone know where to get those stools they show in the picture? They’re the same ones they have at Taylor Gourmet and they’re comfy, and light and modern looking.

  • I — Am — So — Excited! This place looks awesome 🙂

  • ehh, i’m more into real likka. This is good for that block though. Now, if only we can get the Brixton open 🙂

  • Looks really nice … but isn’t that just a block from Vinoteca? Vinoteca usually seems pretty busy, so maybe there is enough business for both of them, but seems fairly duplicative. Two things that I can’t BELIEVE there is none of on U Street or Columbia Heights — a GOOD sushi / Japanese place, and a GOOD, solid, basic, fresh pasta place. Either would make an absolute killing. Also, how about a bagel place / traditional deli?

    • Aroma cafe on U is trying to be a traditional deli. They’re just a little confused as to how to do it.

      There’s also U street sushi next to Sala Thai, but I’ve never been, so I can’t speak to the GOOD point.

      And the whole city is looking for a basic fresh pasta place.

    • ahh, KUNA. that was a great fresh pasta place on u street.

      KUNA, you are missed.

    • Coppi’s has incredible, fresh pasta. I would say it’s the best pasta place in DC.

  • Although I keep quoting Jodi Foster’s character in “Contact”, here goes again:
    “Words can’t express…should have sent a poet.”

    Space looks a bit modren for me, but hopefully it’ll be different on all floors. Still, won’t keep me from going there. I love the idea that we can now go on wine bar crawls.

    • Oh lord, the space exploration fan in me just died a little bit that you’d actually use that for some new wine bar. So much for grandeaur.

  • re: Jenn’s comment on the comfy bar stools: Funny, my first reaction was how UNcomfortable the space looks. Very sterile-looking. Heavily shellaced (sp?) floors, stainless steel everywhere…. could be a dentist’s office. I’ll have to try it out myself in person to get the full effect, though.

    Do agree that there’s enough Vinoteca spillover to populate this place, at least for now.

  • I hope their business model can succeed without large crowds. With only 10-20 per floor, that makes the space seem pretty pretty small, especially because I think that’s a generous estimate. For example, I’m guessing this pic is pretty much the whole 3rd floor (unless PoP did a particularily bad job of standing in the corner and taking the picutre), and I can see 11 stools in the pic (maybe 2-3 where PoP is standing, though it looks like he is at the top of a staircase), but I’m not sure how likely it is that all 8 stools at the table would be used given that people tend to like a space/seat between them and the next group of people sitting. I think they would have done better with smaller tables that could be pushed together for larger parties (in addition to allowing more corners on a table that would increase the “squeezing-in” seating capacity).

    In any event, I’m all for it, I just do hope their business model allows them to succeed without a packed house, b/c they aren’t going to get one with this configuration.

  • Are they really calling it Dickson Wine? That is the worst double entendre I’ve ever heard!

  • dickson is the name of the building also, so its actually natural for the space.

  • I just bought a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer! Sounds like I need to quit my job and open up a pasta restaurant right away! Ha… I wish.

  • your blog 2nd picture is the bar company ..

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