Dear PoP – What are These Cables?

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“Dear PoP,

Not sure if you guys noticed, but last week there were contractors installing fiber optic cables under Quebec Pl. I just noticed that there is a new orange fiber cable going up the telephone pole in the back of my house. I was wondering if you know what the purpose of the cable is? Is it for the future-proofing/regular maintenance or are there new services going to be offered? Last I heard FiOS is not available in D.C. due to politics.

I noticed one of the installation trucks said Danella Construction on it. I looked at ther website and they didn’t have any projects listed for D.C. other than an old project they did downtown.

I also drove down a few other alleys it appears the cables are on every alley along Warder St. and continuing up 7th St. From the pictures you can see the cables are not hooked up to anything on the pole yet.”

Anyone know what the story is on these orange cables? Have you seen them around your house/apartment as well?

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  • ah

    FIOS is available already in parts of DC, including my neighborhood (or at least so they’ve said). The cables are more black than orange, but do have some orange.

    They run the fiber to a given neighborhood and then come through with the sales force.

  • I’m FiOS eligible down here in near southeat, but as of right now it’s only Internet and not cable, so i can’t tell comcast to go to he’ll just quite yet.

    Normally after they install the cable it’s still a 2-3 month turnaround until they activate the service in tour neighborhood.

  • I was wondering about these too! The cable in the picture is also right behind my house (to the OP – hi neighbor!), and it doesn’t look like they’re being used yet.

  • Warderite: That picture is actually from a block down from me. My contact info is on my webpage.

    FiOS would be exciting if that is what it is. Still have a year left on my DSL contract.

  • Google search seems to indicate Danella has the contract for installing FIOS here in D.C., which is good news. (Though I have 11 months on a contract with RCN, so I guess it doesn’t matter how quickly FIOS arrives.) Petworth was supposed to be in the first wave of neighborhoods they were deploying in, so that would make sense.

  • That’s definitely visual evidence of preparations for FiOS service, and it is indeed coming to the District. The fiber is often strung (or buried) throughout the neighborhood well in advance of the connection between the curb and the premises.

    A look at Verizon of DC’s FTTP Construction schedule site mentions installation on Quebec Pl. in February:

  • That stuff is called Innerduct, and you’ll see it all over the place if you look for it.

    Leo’s list provides pretty strong evidence that it’s for FIOS – but it’s used by almost anyone running fiber from point A to point B.

    The cool thing about FIOS is that point B is your house, if you’re lucky.

  • So what would FIOS cost a month for a basic HDTV signal and internet?

    My past experience with Verizon cellular is that they get you coming and going.

  • Many of the orange fiber optic cables are being pulled for DCNet, a project to link up all DC gov buildings & fixtures.

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