Dear PoP – Stolen Bike


“Dear PoP,

My boyfriend’s bike was stolen out of our “secure” underground parking garage some time this week at 14th and Kenyon.

He put up a Craigslist post:

Someone stole my 2005 Specialized Allez Elite road bike from the (supposedly secure) garage of my apartment building. It has a very distinctive gray to black fade powdercoat on in it. I’ve posted a picture of the frame. If you see or hear ANYTHING about this bike, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I don’t have a lot of money, but I can afford up to a $100 reward for the safe return of my bike.

Please call 304-280-6548 to call if anyone spots it.”

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  • If you posted this on CL, I am sure you must have filed a police report as well.

    I would take this issue up with the Apartment management or the condo management, whatever the case may be. And if it is a very expensive bike, file for insurance.

    Also, if you bought it with an AMEX or certain VISA SIGNATURE Credit cards, if the products get stolen, you can file a claim with them as well, and they will replace the product stolen or refund the money. Check with your credit card company, the T&Cs to see how many months after the purchase you can claim it.

  • They may also have video footage if there are cameras in the garage. If they claim it to be secured, I am sure they have to have cameras. You should definitley try to get them to show you the video footage.

    In college someone hit my car and didnt leave a note or anything. The campus police was able to track down the culprit with the video footage from the parking lot.

  • Are you sure its stolen, or did you forget to pick your bike up after visiting one of your friends,

    1. sort of like visiting Walmart and forgetting which space you parked your bike,
    2. do another search of the parking lot, to make sure your bike is not in a different space.
    3. File a report with the Bike Messenger Association of Dc
    4. Check the local used bike ships or pawn ships on 14th street to see if the bike was pawned.

  • if you have renters insurance it should cover the loss of your bike …even if it was in the garage and not in your apartment..

  • Sorry to hear that, fellow West Virginian. Agreed on the insurance comments. My renters insurance covers the original value of my bike. No depreciation.

  • Passed this on to my husband; he has a knack for noticing fellow rider’s frames when commuting to work (and actually helped another guy track down his stolen bike once)

  • Is there no way to get the building to pay for it. If they say that the garage is ‘secured’ and you have something stolen from it don’t you have some recourse against the building? I mean, if they say the garage is secure, what exactly does that mean?

    Just a question on my part. Perhaps PoP would want to ask his legal friends and the us about such things.

    • Just a question on my part. Perhaps PoP would want to ask his legal friends and they can inform us about such things.

  • I’m sure like all other garages they have a sign up top that says ‘not responsible for lost or stolen etc etc etc.’

    As the pants lawsuit indicates, satisfaction is not guaranteed.

  • Uness there is some evidence that the building’s negligence caused the loss – knowledge that the door to the garage is broken, that the garage gate does not come down, etc., an employee stealing property — you are not going to get the building to pay for this loss.
    I am curious as to whether the bike was “secured” in the garage or whether they were just relying on the garage being “secured.
    Renter’s/homeowner’s insurance is amazing. I got reimbursed for an iPod lost in a hotel room.

  • Marcus,

    It was my bike.

    It was locked to a fence with an (admittedly) not industrial strength wire chain.

    The theft took place at Park Triangle Apartments (1375 Kenyon St NW). It was in the residents’ garage. The residents’ (as opposed to retail) garage is double caged, meaning to get from the outside you have to use a remote TWICE before you can get to the bike.

    I’m starting to think it’s someone who lives in the building, because you have to use a keycard to get into the building from the garage (unless someone propped the door open).

    Either way, it sucks. I put a lot of work into that bike and the season’s coming up. It’s not just insurance reimbursement, but it’s also attachment to a bike that you’ve customized and finished a number of long tours on.

  • Many keycard entry systems have a computer record of usage – building management should be able to access. May or may not be helpful – but good luck.

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