Dear PoP – New MetroBus Mantra?

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“Dear PoP,

I had a strange experience riding the G2 bus today — I’m used to the automated voice coming on to announce stops, remind me about route changes, tell me to visit the website etc, but today the friendly voice repeated a message twice in a row that seemed targeted at the driver. She said something like (paraphrasing from memory) “as a metrobus operator, you may face several dangerous situations today — the safety of our passengers, other drivers and the public is in your hands.” It sounded almost like an affirmation — “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and make sure not to hit anyone!” I wonder if anyone else has heard these, and if they’re a part of WMATA’s new “culture of responsibility?”

Wild. Were you sitting in the front of the bus or could the whole bus hear it? Anyone else notice this new announcement?

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  • I’ve heard it too. My guess is that those are only supposed to play at start-up. There were reminders to constantly check the mirrors and such too.

    At least the recorded voice finally stopped telling me about all the changes that were going to happen on December 28th.

  • “Culture of Responsibility”
    Like this is supposed to make us feel better.
    Makes you wonder what the culture was before . . .
    Of course, this “responsibility” does not include responsbility for running an ass-backward organization nor responsibility for instead of constantly jacking up fares, looking for ways to cut their own fat.

  • They should have a recording that says \Put down your phone and drive.\

  • Has anyone ever heard the one about wearing your seat belt? I’ve heard it a few times now, but the first time me and the other incredulous bus riders were looking around for seat belts and smiling at each other when we realized we were being told to put them on, but the bus didn’t offer them. Funny!

  • I heard the same thing on a G2 a few days ago. The one thing though that might have had something to do with it was it started playing right after the bus switched drivers so this may be an automated message when a new driver starts?

  • I’ve heard it before (on an 42), but it was at the very end of a route. I assumed that it’s only supposed to play when the bus is empty.

  • It has happened to me, too numerous times, on the G2 also. First time, there was a change of drivers so I figured one of them pressed something. But, after that, it has played randomly. However, I do not believe that it is a reaffirmation, but rather a reminder \do not crash ! do not hit anyone! metro can’t take anymore accidents!\

  • So, is your complaint that the announcements are, what, uncool or something? Or do you have some non-sarcasm based reason to think they won’t help? Or are you so special and precious that you should not be imposed upon by the repetition? Or are you just sneering because that’s your default?

    • it’s that its unprofessional. it’s typical of a poorly run dc institution to have to constantly remind the employees of the rules and obligations.
      a passenger, you know the entire reason for the bus system, doesn’t need to hear this. and the notion of the bus driver having to be reminded is sad and pathetic. if not scary.

      it’s indicative of low expectations, poor training, and a bad track record which no passenger needs to be reminded of. it puts the driver in a position that makes them hard to garner any amount of respect whatsoever.

  • i haven’t heard it, but i don’t really pay attention except to wait for the spanish…”dooblehvaydooblehvaydooblehvay puntaMetroOpensDoorspuntacom” i live for that. The English is jazzy, too….especially when a guy is announcing. they make it sound like a happy little song. i was deaf for nearly 50 years, and then i got a cochlear implant. all of these announcements, which irritate most folks, just enthrall me. it seems so LOVING for metro to say “please step back from the door…” as if they truly give a crap…not that anyone does step back from the door. and all those beeps and chirrups when i touch my bus pass to the fare machine. love it. who knew?

    i also love the buses and the metro. i sold my car almost 20 years ago, and it was one of the happiest days in my life. no more paying for gas, repairs, insurance….
    the buses and metro take me from hither to yon, where i want to go, and then they GO AWAY! i don’t have to worry about parking the damn things. in the midwest where i came from, the buses ran every half hour DURING RUSH HOUR!

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