Dear PoP – Mugging in Shaw

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“Dear PoP,

My housemate was held up at gunpoint last night in the alley between 10th & 11th, between French & S. She asked me to spread the word to neighbors – the attackers were 2 African-American females, approximately 15-18 years old. (She did file a police report but I don’t have all the details that she gave the police.)”

There was also a mugging at 14th and T Streets, Monday night. Just a reminder to always be aware of your environment. While you can’t prevent every mugging, staying alert helps.

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  • aww.. welcome to DC!

  • “..last night in the alley..”
    What are you doing in an alley at night?! They are not safe shortcuts.

  • Sorry about your housemate. That must have been really frightening.

    Does anyone know what was going on around 7th & N NW yesterday, or if it was related? There were lots of cops patroling around Kennedy Rec all afternoon, which is fairly common (and welcome, in my book!) but around 5:30pm I saw two squad cars racing there from the north and south, and two offices on foot RUNNING down 7th to N.

    I get the MPD-3D digest and it hasn’t come out yet for today, so maybe someone else has insight.

  • aww man…they’re just kids. let them have their fun!

  • “the attackers were 2 African-American females”

    There’s something you don’t see every day. Seriously.

  • Reply to Jamie/1:08
    It is something we do not hear about, but there are plenty female thugs loose in the neighborhood. Females are just as shrewd in muggings and robberies as the dudes.

  • “While you can’t prevent every mugging…”
    –or any, for that matter, in this town.

  • I don’t beleive it , does you room mate owe you some money? Also the more of this we have in DC the less likely the invaders will continue to come in from the burbs and drive the home prices up. What we need is a decent crime wave to reset the housing prices back to pre 80’s. AWW welcome to DC.

  • Hey Jaime, another Wire fan. Cool!

  • Speaking of staying alert, two of my friends last night were attacked around 10 PM in Columbia Heights (14th St, right in front of DCUSA) by a random stranger who charged them and tried to punch them in the face. He was apprehended by the police, who told us that he’s well known for going in and out of mental hospitals and always ends up back on the street. A reminder that it’s hard to lock up or properly treat dangerous lunatics in DC. So yes, always be alert, even if you’re standing in the thriving commercial heart of a newly gentrified neighborhood in plain view of scores of people.

    • Dear D.C.,

      Please release that lunatic into Tyson Corner Mall next time he gets out.


      Columbia Heights

    • Similar thing happened to my husband in front of Giant a year or so ago. A man leapt at him, screaming gibberish and trying to get his hands on his throat. My husband was with our baby (in a stroller) and reacted… not well. He has a serious mama bear instinct. Once he had the lunger pinned against a wall, the guy broke down, cried, apologized, begged not to be hurt… Of course then he realized the guy was nuts and let up, but attempting to assault big dudes with babies (or without, for that matter) can’t be good for one’s long-term health.

  • Anonymous, when do you plan to move, Two Men and a Truck has great spring moving rates

  • Isn’t there at least one mugging in Shaw EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?

  • I got punched in the face at 7:15 PM last Thursday (11th) about 25 feet north of U Street on 13th. There were tons of people out too. It was a group of 5 teenagers, 2 girls and 3 guys. I had my eye on them as they approached me and as they got out of my sightline, basically right next to me, one of them totally cold clocked me. Fortunately, no damage was done but it was totally weak. Anyhow, I’ve lived near 13th and W for 9 years and this was a first. Yay me

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