Dear PoP – Movement at 11th and Park Road, NW House


“Dear PoP,

I noticed a party of 5 people entering the vacant (and what appears somewhat renovated) large tan house located on the corner of Park and 11th (across from Red Rocks). It looked like they were being given a tour.

Do you know the current status of this building? I’ve assumed for a while renovations were made at one point (all the windows are brand new), but I assumed the owner had gone under and ceased operations.

With the building adjacent building at 11th and Monroe rumored as purchased, I’m guessing this would make this property very worth while.”

Thanks to Kevin Wood for letting me know that the property is back on the market. You can see the listing here. It’s yours for $1,500,000.

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  • This seems like a good opportunity … I mean they bought it for nearly 1.5 million when the neighborhood was WAY worse; granted, it was a better economic climate, but still … and the building has been MUCH improved since the time they bought it, not sure how far the interior renovations have gone, but at least on the exterior, it is in far better shape. I think someone could get a real steal here … of course, they need somewhere close to 1.5 million to buy the place and a good chunk more to renovated it, but with four MASSIVE condos in that building (I’d think easily three bedrooms for each of them), if they are nicely renovated, they should each sell for over 600k (at least the three above-ground ones), easily, especially by the time renovation is completed — there simply don’t seem to be many new condos coming on the market in the area any more.

  • Looks like it’s 6 units now.

    With say half a mil for reno and transaction costs, you’d need $333,000k average per unit to break even. I think you could do ok on this but I don’t think it’s a slam dunk.

  • everytime i walk by that building, which is just about every other day, i sigh thinking what possibility lost. hopefully we’ll see some movement on that place. too bad i’ve seen squatters one too many times come out of that building so who knows what it’s now like on the inside.

  • Saw some folks getting what looked like a walk-through last night around 7:00. They went in through the back entrance on 11th. We’ll see.

  • Actually, now that someone mentioned walk through, I also saw people milling around the building. I think it was on Monday around 10 am or possibly Saturday, can’t remember the last time I got coffee. But, they were looking over some papers, pointing at the roof, etc. Definitely looked walk through ish.

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