Dear PoP – Check out this Pop Up


“Dear PoP,

I don’t know if this one constitutes a pop top or was a full on teardown, but I suspect it was a pop top. I thought you might find it interesting.”

And it was recently for sale, listing price was $199,900 when it went under contract. I’m gonna vote thumbs down especially given how misaligned it is with the house next door.

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  • Wow – I can’t believe you found my street! I live about 4 doors down from this. It was a complete rebuild and has never been inhabited. IT was finished about a year ago. A few people have come through to look at it, but no takers.

    There was an issue with the land – the lot on which it was built is not a standard size lot – neither is the one to its right (still vacant).

    Its a terrible fit for the street. But wow – you really must have some good recon to find this way off the beaten path street!

  • I live near here and if you want to see some really bad pop-ups just walk up and down the blocks immediately surrounding where this house is. It’s been a free-for-all in this area for the past few years. I’m not normally a fan of historical zoning but some of the blocks in rosedale are perfect examples of why historical districts can be beneficial

    • “I’m not normally a fan of historical zoning but…”

      Double edged sword isn’t it? Most people aren’t a fan when they want to do something to their own house, but quickly become one when their neighbors/developers start doing awful things on their street.

      “Do you think people know that when they build an ass ugly house that it’s worth less”

      Yes, they do. But it’s a lot cheaper to build something ass-ugly than to hire an architect and use appropriate styles and materials.

      Most awful renovations are done by developers, not homeowners. While doing a crappy renovation is a bad long-term investment, there is absolutely no question that it’s a good short-term one, especially if the property in question isn’t in a location that can support the prices needed to pay back for a nice renovation.

      If you can rehab a $200K house badly for $50K or well for $150K, and the range of home prices in that are is $200K-$400K, well, you’re not going to make much money trying to do a nice job.

      IMHO stupid homebuyers are as much a problem as the developers, though. A lot of people just want something “done” and don’t care much about build quality. If you took the same money you spent on a poor-quality flip job, bought your own fixer-upper, hired a contractor to do the work for you, and spent another 6 months on rent where you are, you’d end up financially ahead, and with a far better result. But most people aren’t interested in doing that. It’s really too bad because it encourages flipping, especially in this foreclosure-laden market where you can get good houses that just need a rehab (not a total renovation) which can be done dirt cheap and nearly double the value of the house.

  • Do you think people know that when they build an ass ugly house that it’s worth less? or maybe even worthless? I’m not sure they have figured it out yet. Dig the counter space in the kitchen.

  • Criminey I just looked at the pictures. From what you can see, which isn’t much, this house is essentially a catalog for Home Depot vanities and cabinets. I can only assume that the parts of the house that have not just been delivered from Home Depot look much worse.

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