DDOT Roadway Resurfacing on 14th Street in Columbia Heights

Photo by PoPville Flickr user Jess J

From a DDOT press release:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will begin roadway repairs as part of the final stage of Phase II of the Columbia Heights Public Realm Project. Crews are scheduled to begin a three week pavement excavation and asphalt paving project starting in the center lanes on northbound 14th Street from Park Road to Monroe Street, NW, weather permitting.

Construction crews will begin placing concrete traffic barriers after 9 a.m. on March 26 to cordon off the work area.

A single lane of traffic will be maintained at all times, in both directions. Motorists should be aware of transitions and lane changes due to the construction.

Businesses along this busy commercial corridor will remain open during construction with unrestricted access.

The Metrobus stop at Park Road and 14th St. will be relocated temporarily to north of Monroe St.

DDOT Traffic Control Officers (TCOs) will be positioned at the intersections during am and pm rush-hours to help facilitate traffic. Flagmen and Variable Message Signs will be utilized to assist in directing the flow of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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  • This means it will all be over soon! Right? (Please say yes…)

  • Road construction on 14th Street in Columbia Heights has been taking a very long time. I hope it’s almost done. But I am glad at the changes those disruptions are bringing to us. I’m a supporter of how the public realm is turning out.

  • & I really like the photo you chose to illustrate this story.

  • dude. what does over head protection from a construction site have ANY thing to do with road resurfacing…use your head.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Relax man, it’s just a photo that came up when I searched the PoPville flickr pool for 14th St.

  • Haha Yea PoP cmon, I for one am personally offended and insulted at your choice of picture for this story. It ruined my day and my weekend. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will never get over this for as long as I live. Shame on you for choosing such a picture that does not precisely match to the finest detail the story at hand. Shame!

  • can’t wait till I don’t have to wake up to jackhammering every single day!

  • does anyone else think this project has taken an unusually LONG amount of time?

  • There’s been a ton of work done: storm drains were replaced along with water mains, electrical lines, and all the visible stuff like street lights, sidewalks, trees, etc.
    When it’s all said and done, the street, sidewalks and the guts below will all be new. Doing this in a busy pedestrian and traffic corridor is super complex. It’s taken a long time but I don’t imagine that it could have gone that much faster. In any event, it’s almost over just in time for nice weather.

    • +1

      I tend to have more sympathy for the rate at which these improvements happened. What they fixed was essentially 100 years old. The combined sewer system is a complex (and sort of disgusting) thing, and they did all of it on the cheap.

      Hats off to everyone who busted their asses to make CH a nicer place.

  • I love the picture. That is most well built construction protection tunnel ever. Hurricane clips and everything!

  • I agree with the above, but I do with they’d stop tearing up sidewalk tiles to put down new (same) sidewalk tiles. I still have yet to figure out the cement dirt holders as well.

  • thanks for posting my picture, PoP! I do like that tunnel. does anyone know what the “trial of a lifetime” on may 10 is? there are signs for it all over the inside of the tunnel.

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