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  • Seriously, you’re this excited about a CVS being built?

  • Yes. You clearly did not see what this corner looked like before. This is awesome

  • I’m right there with you, Ross. A CVS beats a sketchy dark empty lot any day of the week. And for a neighborhood in sore need of a drug store in walking distance.

  • Does anyone else think this bldg looks too big for a CVS? Any plans to put something else there, as well?

  • It’s only going to be a 1 story building with CVS as the sole tenant. I’m happy to have something on this corner, but am very disappointed by DC’s Office of Planning who let a great opportunity to create more dense commercial space at a transit-oriented site just pass them by.

  • Vonstallin

    I am glad to have the CVS here. I use to use the one further up Georgia Ave near the Popeyes, but the lines are always long so I normaly just pop over to Rite Aid.

    With this I can jump on my bicycle or just walk from my 10th & Quebec pl home. I wonder if not having a parking lot will hurt its potential business. I know columbia heights dont have a parking lot, but that area is way denser than here.

  • But I agree that we need a pharmacy in Petworth/Park View and that this corner needed to be developed. Does anyone know when they are going to start using the new lights they installed around this intersection? (see pic. of one old and one new light)And it does not seem like they are finished with all the construction around here yet (at least I hope not!) as I thought more trees were going in and sidewalks need to be repaved and the median by the Metro needs a fence to prevent people from walking across it.

  • Any news on what the address for this site?

  • This will beat the crappy corner/beer store on New Hampshire just north of there. Nice to have a place to pick up a few essentials after hopping off the bus/train.

  • More suburban fodder to the city. =/ If you’re going to gentrify, at least do it with local business.

  • I’d be happier if they didn’t start at 6AM everyday. Any news on when they’ll be done? The progress has been pretty amazing.

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