Corehaus Designs is Looking Amazing


When I first previewed Corehaus at 825 Upshur Street, NW I could tell it was gonna be cool. But having just checked it out again, it is no longer simply cool – it is freaking awesome! This retail spot has official become a must visit store, not just for those who live nearby, but for everyone. Again, photos can do a much better job than words in explaining this great store. If you haven’t checked them out yet, put them on the list.



Lots more photos after the jump.







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  • i checked this place out a while back. The owner was really nice. I thought the prices were very reasonable and I’m a cheap basterd

    • How reasonable is reasonable? Compared to, say, GoodWood on U St?

      • not familiar with GoodWood. The stuff isn’t cheap, but when you consider how much antiques, and handmade art usually cost, I thought the prices were just right. Go check it out.

  • I was in there a few weekends ago and we picked something up for the house. Both the potter (female) and found-things guy (male) were incredibly cool to talk to. I wish you hadn’t posted this though, as we have our eye on something and hope it’s still there next time we stop in.

  • Guayasamin!

    (PS – everyone should know that “human-rights freaking” was my captcha for this post.)

  • @markus give us a hint….is it in any of the pics???

  • Definitely a store I need to stay out of if I want to save money. I could do some real damage.

  • The hours are Wed-Sat 11-7 and Sun 12-6. I think. Well one thing I’m sure of, it’s closed today.

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