Cleveland Park Retail Upates – Get Your Cereal Bowl Soon


We learned back in Dec. that the Cereal Bowl was going to occupy the old starbucks space at 3420 Connecticut Ave, NW. Well, I spoke with someone from their corporate headquarters who said they were hoping to open up March 27th. More info on Cereal Bowl here.


And right next door to this a tanning salon is coming in the old consignment shop space.


And a bit further north the new Walgreens looks nearly completed.

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  • Awesome. I cant wait to meet up with all my friends for a bowl of fruit loops.

    • ah

      Hey, if Starbucks convinced people to pay $3 for something they can make it home for 25c, why can’t the Cereal Bowl do the same?

      • i guess if you’re very young you may have that perspective.
        but for millions of americans, Starbucks actually introduced them to something they had neither had, nor heard of before.

        before starbucks, cappuccino was hard to come by, and never to go.

        so, in short, poor choice of comparisons.

  • Vonstallin

    I can’t wait to get my Tan On !!!!!!
    I feel so ghostly.

  • I like the retro facade on the walgreens. They’re still clinging tenaciously to that small town, local pharmacy feel.

    • saf

      If you’re kidding, I apologize for missing it. If not…

      That location was the Yen Ching Restaurant. For historic preservation reasons, they HAD to save the facade.

      • ah

        Built in the noted Chinese art-deco style.

        • ah

          In fact, I’m kind of expecting Crockett or Tubbs to poke his head around those glass blocks and into those diamond windows while some neon flashes and some obscure mid-80s music thumps in the background

          • Glass block was a hallmark of the 30’s/40’s Deco look. It was used in more mundane houses in the 50’s, hence the revival of the look in the 1980’s, when the 50’s came back into vogue. I can’t explain the love of seafoam green and Don Johnson, however…

  • Possibly the stupidest business concept I’ve ever heard of. I bet it doesn’t see 2011.

  • Walgreens is evil. Their comprehensive plan to retake the District from the vile clutches of the equally evil CVS is underway. (Seriously, they’re coming.)

    Perhaps as the son of a late, great pharmacist, I’m deluded, but I still hope that we’ll get back to the day when a pharmacist is more than just an anonymous clerk filling 350 prescriptions a day and is a familiar person in the community. Perhaps this comment isn’t appropriate here, but whatever. I urge you all to seek out unaffiliated pharmacies to fill your prescriptions, now more than ever. Co-pays are the same no matter where you go. Big Pharmacy is killing the neighborhood drug store, often by importing Egyptian and Lebanese pharmacists on H1-B’s and paying them hourly.

    There is no pharmacy bigger than Walgreens, and here they come.

    • Thanks for your perspective. I’ve never put much thought into where I get perscriptions (I don’t get them often), but now that you bring it up, I’ll try to check out the local pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant next time I need me some meds.

    • ah

      This battle is less interesting that Jacob versus Locke

    • Walgreens is actually pretty fantastic. And there are plenty of neighborhood pharmacies here in NY and as well as in DC. And considering that there is an enormous shortage of pharmacists out there. (Any kid knows if they don’t have a big career ahead of them, pharmacy is great option.) Mostly because 24-hour pharmacies and grocery store pharmacies means we have way too many of them.

      Not that they aren’t predatory. But mostly they challenge grocery stores, because they can skirt blue laws. (Ever wonder why pharmacies have groceries, that’s why.)

  • A cereal restaurant that makes the stuff from scratch is a neat idea, but this? What a stupid, stupid, stupid concept.

    Witness the continuing slow demise of Cleveland Park.

  • All three of those businesses will be gone in a year. They should have put another restaurant in the former chinese place. Preferably one without roaches crawling out of the wall in the middle of dinner.

  • seems like college cafeteria cuisine. anyone else have those cereal on tap things where it dumped cereal in the bowl then a machine squirted milk in it? haha, just reading that sounds weird and gross….ahhh the late 90’s early 2000’s…gotta love it. yea i give that place less than a year. coffee is different than cereal, people need that shit. but i want to know who gets up in the morning and HAS TO HAVE THEIR BOWL OF LUCKY CHARMS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING…haha..WTF!

  • Boycotting NACDS Stores

    So what is wrong with paying pharmacists by the hour, in the dc area, they start at over $50 an hour.

  • Interesting fact: Although Sweden has the highest cereal bar consumption level in the world, Cleveland Park ranks forth in the world. So, it was only a matter of time that the Cereal Bowl setup shop in CP.

    Wondering if they will be serving hot cereal on cold and wet days?

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