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Aside from Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park, when the weather gets warmer one of my favorite things is eating/drinking outdoors. With all the new places opening up I’m wondering if there are any new favorite spots. Eatonville at 14th and V Streets looks like it could be a winner.

For the record my favorite roof deck remains Local 16 (16th and U Streets, NW).

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  • I’ve only been once and I ate inside. The food was good but rather expensive for what you get. I wasn’t that impressed with the service either. Busboys is better, I think.

  • Went last night (been a few times and really like the place) and sat next to Jim True from The Wire. It’s a great spot – make sure to order the mac and cheese side item.

  • The best outdoor dining spot is NOT Social. Their patio is next to the AC and the kitchen entrance, right on the alley. They need to put up some trellis and vines or something, because it feels as if, well, as if you’re eating in an alley.

    For happy hour, there’s a hotel around 19th and M, I think, that has nice outdoor seating, and pitchers of sangria for a reasonable price. Can’t remember what it’s called…

    • Yeah, but with Social’s patio it can be like watching The Wire, with all the drug deals going down across Meridian Pl with the 3500 boys.

  • Was walking by Social today, and there is a notice posted for an application for cafe seating right on the sidewalk. Now customers can get an up close and personal view of Meridian’s drug dealings.

  • Eatonville food is good, but don’t care for the owner at all. He may support tons of great causes, but he’s personally not very nice, which is just a turn off for me. And there’s something that bugs me about his enterprise. Like making a profit off of literary artists who espoused social justice and equality. I guess that’s nothing new though, huh?

    • You’re right on about your bad feeling-he treats his employees, from management down to- ha- the busboys, very poorly for someone who is supposed to be so socially conscious…

  • Love the sweet potato fries at Eatonville but for BEST outdoors eating how about Les Halles?

  • Best outdoor eating – Seacatch, the back patio at Tabard Inn, Leopolds in Georgetown, Hank’s, Napoleon or Rhumba Cafe, the courtyard at Poste (Hotel Monaco) or how about Cantina Marina?

  • Zorbas in Dupont Circle. No question. No one close.

  • I don’t know any new places but I like Beacon Sky Bar, food is good enough love their rooftop (I think people have mentioned having service issues there, that was not my experience.) I tried Poste crowd seemed a little stuffy the day I was there but it is really nice. I like Cantina Marina too.

  • I have to give my neighborhood establishment props and say Veranda.

  • I love the food at Eatonville, and the mint julips are the best! Though I agree that for outdoor seating I favor the courtyard at Hotel Monaco (Post restaurant?). For the most social outdoor seating (though the food is only bar food) I like the beergarden/sidewalk seating at 11th and Kenyon (totally blanking on the name of the restaurant).

  • Cafe du Parc if you are over near the White House or seeing a matinee at Warner or National Theaters.

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