Bar 7 on 7th Street, NW Opens Sunday Night


On Feb. 1st I mentioned that Bar 7 was coming soon near the recently opened Passenger at 1021 7th St. NW. I took a shot of the inside through the glass door to give an idea of the inside. However I noticed a small article in the Post this morning:

“Performing into the wee hours of Sunday morning, DJs Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani graced the opening night of Bar 7 on Seventh Street NW, with a set that ping-ponged between elegance and jubilance. With bubbling synths and paddle-ball bass lines, each song that was pumped through the subwoofers felt like an old favorite even if you’d never heard it before.”

I’m gonna need to stop by to get a proper feel for this spot. Stay tuned for early reviews next week.


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  • Awww, I miss the Juste Lounge. That place was AWESOME! Do date, one of my favorite places in DC, and I’m not a big “dress up” kinda guy.

  • I was there on saturday for Merto Area…while the sound system was nice, it got too crowded for me and I had to dip out around 1:15…Also, they were serving 12 oz. beers in 10 oz plastic “glasses” and throwing away the 2 oz that didn’t fit in to the glass…weird.

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