Arts District Hyattsville Getting a Yes! Organic Market and a Busboys & Poets

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From a press release:

“Local developer EYA and retail consultant/developer Streetsense partner to welcome Yes! Organic Market as the newest tenant set to occupy retail space at Arts District Hyattsville, the 25-acre mixed-use development emerging along historic Route 1 in downtown Hyattsville. This will be the eighth planned retail location in the metropolitan area for Yes!. The “living naturally” food store chain offers a refreshing mix of natural and organic groceries, health supplements, and eco-friendly household items.

Preliminary land development work has already begun for the new 36,000 s.f. retail town center at Arts District Hyattsville and construction is scheduled for completion late 2010. Yes! Organic Market, along with other retailers, are expected to be open for sales in Spring 2011.”

Yes! Organic will join Busboys and Poets and Tara Thai who have already signed onto the project. You can learn more about the project here.

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  • The rapid expansion of Busboys and Poets is something to behold. I hear that Busboys ‘n Poets Express outlets will be soon added to select area Sunoco stations. These new locations will be drive-thru only, where they will sell you an overpriced cup of coffee and shout some beat poetry to you through the speaker, both from the convenience of your car.

  • I’m starting to get intrigued by Hyattsville. Seems funky and (importantly) cheap. Anyone have any scoop on living there? How about a Hyattsville GDON, PoP?

  • If you’ve ever seen it in person, it’s not much to behold at this point. We travel out 1 to get to IKEA, and right now, the arts district is just a big open pit. I know that development can really transform an area, but I have trouble seeing their vision on that strip of land in front of the train tracks. That said, it’s right in between DC and College Park, so it certainly has potential.

  • Great News. My wife and I visited the model homes at Arts District and loved size, layout and roofdeck. We also like the proximity to DC though not really close to Metro. I heard a year+ ago Busboys and Poets was going to open but I assumed that was not going to happen because the construction completely stopped.

    I hope they do not put Franklins Restaurant out of business.

  • Apart from the brewery restaurant + archie mcphee-style toy-shop there (Franklins i think it’s called), it’s all flyover country as far as I’m concerned.

    Crazy ambitious concept, turning that corridor into some kind of arts district. My impressions of that area were all pretty much formed 20-30 years ago, so I still envision packs of gritty youth with feathered hair, stonewashed denim, homemade tattoos and 98 ROCK t-shirts running around throwing beer-cans at cars.

    ……those were the days.

  • Mt. Rainier and Hyattsville will be hot places to live, if it isn’t already. You get a great bang for your buck there, in terms of housing stock, neighbors, and convenience (to the city, and to UMD). If you like bungalows and victorian detached houses, that’s your place. That said, NE DC has a lot of the same sort of housing stock along the Rhode Island Ave and SD Ave corridors.

  • My fiance and I just put a house under contract in Hyattsville. We’re about a ten minute walk from Prince Georges Plaza metro station and a bike ride from the new Arts District.

    Once we saw the prices in Hyattsville vs. comparable housing in DC or any other adjacent suburb we were sold. It’s two miles from DC, and the median house price is something like $200k. There just isn’t a better place around right now with better value, in my opinion.

  • I recently had to drive from downtown to Ikea and was excited to check out the arts district en route. I have an impression that a high number of the couples listed in the Friday express wedding section live there. It’s currently underwhelming, so I hope that changes down the road.

    • The neighborhood is great. Couldn’t be happier. Great neighbors- many of us are very social with each other. There are several separate “dinner for eight” groups that rotate dinner parties once a month. One group with kids, another that goes out to restaurants and another that keeps it at home. There’s a great mix of people here, so many interesting jobs- a good number of military and law enforcement folks, too. All different ages. There are empty nesters, singles, young couples, families…

      On Christmas Eve I was going to my parents house for dinner with my wife and in-laws. There was snow and ice on the street that evening and I drove over bump in the road with some piled up snow on it. I didn’t notice how high it was and hit the snow/ice. It damaged the underside of my car to the point where I couldn’t drive it. My neighbors were outside and saw what had happened. They immediately offered their own car so that we could still make it to dinner with my family. Then they invited us over for drinks the day after Christmas. That’s the kind of neighborhood this is. Wonderful people.

      Don’t know what the “Friday express wedding” generalization is supposed to mean. But we love this neighborhood and most people who drive by probably don’t realize that blocks away from ADH are historic homes over 100 years old- beautiful. It’s a great, walkable community that is only becoming more walkable with the retail going in next year. The West Hyattsville and PG Plaza metros are about a mile away.

      If the Arts District isn’t your cup of tea, then you should definitely consider the Hyattsville/Mt Rainer area. There are great homes at affordable prices and you are inside the Beltway and transit accessible. As time goes by we’ll get more of the retail that people want and I predict that you’ll see streetcars going up and down Baltimore Ave (coming from the line going up RI Ave in DC) in the not too distant future.

  • Hyattsville gets a yes organic, but H ST can’t get one? What is going on?

  • Thanks for posting this! I have been interested in this project since I first heard about it. The prospect of converting that stretch from nothing but old auto repair shops to a walkable community is very exciting.

    This is great news for the Hyattsville area and even provides another grocery store for near by College Park/UMD residents/students.

  • After living temporarily in nearby Cottage City, I have to say you can see the long term potential for this area so close to UMD and a straight shot into town down Rhode Island Avenue, with its railroad tracks, gritty storefronts and the underpriced cottage-style (and some HUGE) detached houses around there. But like Brentwood, it’s got a LONG way to go to be actually interesting. And Franklin’s, well, the food is mediocre, it only seems good because it’s so far to anywhere else. I recommend the Anacostia River Trail, and Morris Tile off Kenilworth Avenue nearby (if you need slate, stone or tile.)

    • “it’s got a LONG way to go to be actually interesting”

      I disagree, I think it is interesting now. If you mean it is a long way from upscale, there is no arguing. If you are priced out of H street, Logan, Col Heights etc. this is a chance to get into an area at a good price point that will have a FEW of the U Street amenities. It will not be right for everyone. Some people will not be able to wrap their minds around living in Prince Georges County. Young families may have issues with the local schools.

      I think it is cool that people are willing to investigate Hyattsville.

  • there is a super cool co-op grocery in Mt. Rainier already. Mt. Rainier > Hyattsville IMO.

    • GLUT?
      Good prices, customer service SUCKs.

      Just my opinion.

      • what kind of customer service does one need at a grocery store?

        • Happy to explain. I don’t live in Mt. Rainier but my daughter is in dance class across the street. I have literally, in the last two weeks, gone in and tried to ask floor staff about an item behind the register and they kept walking. No pause in stride, not steered to other staff, No ‘give me minute,’ no ‘I’ll be right with you.’ (NOTE: other staff member was nearby witnessed this and was smirking) It really surprised me so I told a neighbor who frequents the store and she said ‘yeah they can be like that sometime but their prices are good.’

          Maybe I come across as a self-important jerk, but I don’t think that is the case. I have worked retail so I am polite. If people want to defend them fine, I stated this is my opinion.

  • a good chance to check out the area will be the opening day of the Gateway Arts Center

    and the spring open studios.

    Gateway Arts Center:

    FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2010 at 3:00 PM
    (Open House to follow immediately after)

    RSVP by Monday, March 15, 2010 by calling 301-864-3860 ext. 3.

    The Gateway open studios are sometime in May, but i dont know the date yet.

  • Where else is included in PoPville now? Reston? How about Haymarket? :p

  • I live in Riverdale Park between Hyattsville and College Park on route 1. Its been a long time coming but we’re finally getting some cool restaurants and shopping out here. Great to hear about Yes! Organic market. Busboys and Poets and Tara Thai are also opening up in about a year. Houses are still a bargain but not for long being between UMD and DC.

  • June 5,2010 a new farmers market, producer only ,will open. Farmers from Maryland and also Pennsylvania will have farm fresh fruit and vegetables .

    Carla Hall, former Top Chef contestant , and the owner of Alchemy Caterers will have some of her delicious baked goods for sale and will also be a “Chef at Market” on occasion.

    The market will run every Saturday from 9-1 from June 5- November 20,2010.Check out the site. The location? 1 Municipal Place, next to the traffic circle on Rhode Island Ave.Convenient to Md, Va and DC
    Growing Healthy Communities

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