Anyone Know What’s Up With Building at 11th and T Streets, NW


I don’t think this deserves a horse’s ass award at the moment because I think the building is looking rather nice. However, it has been in this state for a number of months. Do any nearby neighbors happen to know what’s going on?

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  • I’d hate to give a horse’s ass award to a building that looks so great. curious as to the delay, though…

  • I heard the architecture firm Zapata laid everyone off and went belly up. Maybe that’s the problem.

  • jburka

    Actually, I walk my dog past this building almost every day, and things are still slowly proceeding. Just this week they, whoever “they” are, have started installing a fence across the front yard and along 11th street. (you can actually see the fence in PoP’s photo above)

  • Christian Zapatka Architect LLC – 11th and T Streets Condominiums, Shaw … from their web site

  • I went into this building a few months ago with one of subcontractors, who was working there. He told me that the contractor is either new or bad- the building was fully sheetrocked and then they learned they needed fire sprinklers, so they had to tear down a lot of the ceilings to install the sprinklers. Also, it’s apparently only two units- one unit in each wing- which seems like a very strange use of space.

    Also not helping is the orange stop work sticker that went up yesterday, although I saw some work being done today. They might have gotten temporary approval to continue.

    • 2 units? say what?
      what was there before? this looks gorgeous, but having just two units there seems really bizarre and, in my uneducated opinion, far more trouble than benefit.

  • Not exact on the numbers, but they filed plans for a 2-unit building but tried to build 3-units, thus violating a bunch of the code and getting stopped.

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