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  • It is a service flag. This house has 2 service members in the armed service.


  • It means that the family in that home has two active duty service men/women deployed in either of the two wars we are currently fighting.

  • Gold star would mean their son/daughter was killed.

  • And, in the Land of Freedom that our Troops are so Valiantly Defending, if we had a similar flag for families with a child currently in jail, those Jail flags would outnumber the Service flags by a wide margin. Because in the “Land of the Free”, prisoners (2.5 million) outnumber active-duty troops (1.5 million).

    Yeah, I’m allergic to the propagandized mindset those Service flags represent. The “Support our Troops” meme is an emotional smokescreen for morally bankrupt national policies that fully fund a gargantuan military-industrial complex while domestically, we slowly devolve into a Third-World police-state with ever-widening class-and-income inequalities, neo-Dickensian social safety nets, and highest-in-the-world incarceration rates.

    But that’s just me.

    • Just shut up.

    • Please please let the families with children currently in jail put flags in their windows – that way we can know who is incapable of even the most basic parenting skills to teach their children the difference between right and wrong.

    • i would love to hear more about these “neo-Dickensian social safety nets” if you don’t mind.

    • We should just throw open the doors of every prison and let all the rapists and murders go. Then you could remove your dumb-ass sarcastic quote marks from “Land of the Free”.

      You’d get your wish. I hope they all head straight to your neighborhood…. and that the cops ignore all your 911 calls.

    • You’re right, it’s just you.

  • 7/10. Very effective troll. Next time you may want to consider adding some mispelled words to epitomize your frothing anger.

  • Right, we’re only a fake “land of the free”, someone go lock West Kansas up for speaking out against the government.
    Oh wait, we can’t do that . . .
    Get it, West Kansas? Probably not.

  • kind of agree with the sentiments, though not word for word, voiced by west kansas. slapping a magnetic yellow ribbon on your car doesn’t make you a patriot or true supporter of the troops. Want to support them? tell your congressman/woman to bring them home. Service to your country is admirable and respectable, but at what point do we disrespect our troops by sending them into harms way based on a lie and manipulated intelligence? this past 8 years it seems like the upper echelons have done nothing but pointlessly get our men and women in uniform killed and maimed for “freedom”, all the while scaring the people into believing that we either support or oppose the troops.
    Want to revive the economy? lets stop spending trillions on two foreign wars. nobody wants to come out and say it, but, that’s a sure-fire way to get the economy back on track.

  • @J: Ditto

  • Well that devolved very quickly.

  • yada yada yada. For whatever reasons, the person flying that flag has a couple of kids in the military, potentially in harms way. My take is that they’re proud of their kids and if a passer-by is so inclined, they might say a little prayer for their kid’s safe-keeping. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

  • I think West Kansas just gave me a new business idea. Anyone out there interested in starting a business that makes “Incarcerated flags”? Parents that are proud of their child’s incarceration can hang the flags in their window. Instead of a star, we can put on the flag the means by which the crime was committed: gun, knife, Ponzi scheme, etc.

    Very impressive that West Kansas can take a picture of something that shows a parent’s pride and turn it into a one-sided commentary about societal ills. Maybe you could go do battle with the right-wingers who are always posting insane comments on stories at CNN and Politico.

  • @ cookietime420 – agreed

  • I totally agree with cookietime420. My parents fly one for my brother when he gets deployed even though neither of them think that we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq. I really think it’s just so people passing by keep him in their thoughts and prayers rather than a statement about U.S. foreign policy.

  • We don’t need war to have heroes, but we need heroes to have wars. Count me as one of those who is cynical about the blind adulation of service members. That’s just a smoke screen generated by the war makers to smother opposition.

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